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And here we are, trying to write what we feel. As the famous writer undergrown, explaining that after shooting the innumerable paper folios, and place another on the typewriter (there were other times), “the blank page, I looked” (Bukowski dixit). We came the world over, we want to describe what is inside us clear, but you miss the way, on the how. However, although we find a way, the fact intending it is what gives us value. The best way is to define the phrase “ask a question, is to begin to answer.” The search is the attitude that will lead to the solution. Without it, would not even matter. The same happens in our lives. We crawled, trying to find meaning, comfort, answers.

Occasionally we glimpse a guide. Or we move into knowledge that we believe will help us. And the more often we retrace our steps, discouraged, without having found the desired result. Never mind. While we seek, while we have that spirit, we are on track.

And possibly not realize that we’re at it. Many times we blindly self-absorbed in the ruling made in the wrong decision. Not that we had the courage to take it. The day to day we lose perspective. For repetitive, makes us focus on the issue itself, in the wrong door. Not that there are more doors. And above all, that we are free and able to open many more. If we failed, is because we have dared. … Wise to err is wrong, like us. And we continue to do so. Thus, even more significant than the solution itself, which will come, or not, when required, is knowing that by doing so, we constantly find a way out of our uncertainties. Learning from our mistakes and trying again. That is life. Again and again. Nobody is born learned. As we grow, we’re rich. We never stop acquiring knowledge, experience. Of living. It never ends, there is always room for more. To know ourselves, others, that we in this world. Who thinks he knows everything, to be in possession of “truth” is already dead before he died. If we leave, if we are to win, if we ask, we lose that humans have. Our essence, what life in us. If we retain the instinct to search, what else will follow, where the time. It is not the main thing. The main thing is to go ahead. It is our way, and nobody is going to explore it for us. Continue on the road with your eyes open, is the greatest gift we can dream. And we have it. Hala, that’s enough for today. Xavier.

El Salvador

I can not deny that Nietzschie is mediocre. Unless the disciple of Nietzschie admireis. His disciple, the Nazi Germany, was one that I think the greatest burnt, trying to destroy the greatest of all peoples of the earth, something that nobody could not get or ask him to Egypt, and was defeated and humiliated. Blessed Christ and his holy spirit. Now, I thought El Salvador and Redeemer of man in marriage? Jesus said, also was said, whoever divorces his wife, give a certificate of divorce, but I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife except for fornication, causes her to commit adultery and whoever marries divorced woman commits adultery.

(Matthew chapter 5 verse 31 and 32) our societies, seem to remain in the customs of the ancients, by which large wandering mind thinking that the institution of marriage is the greatest of all games. Since ancient ephemeral for any pretext devised by them, gave a letter of divorce to their wives. This weakens the family. What I find wonderful God is that how you plan things and develops. Because who better to men for a time satisfy their whims and instincts and then leave her partner, saciarsen to others, as if she were just a means to an end. Apparently to them, this was the right thing. But they were mistaken because God is wiser, and through his son reprimanded them and told them they were wrong, and that from that moment things had to change, wonderful, for God through our Lord Jesus Christ illustrate that women an end and not half.

Mount Moriah

Responds sister, are willing to deliver. Those willing to surrender to the Lord. You see that you have to cross over the Jordan? That time has come to put you to Mount Moriah Abraham said Yes … l a believed their God and no matter the pain went … And us? What is our attitude to life, the challenges and tests? God tests us, God wants us to know that along with a l anything is possible.

Atout! Or can not remember when Paul said: I can do everything through Christ who strengthens me. Or you forgot: My yoke is easy and my burden is light, or; Be still before God and wait a l. The spirit of God is with you and lives within you. Do you know love? Let him do his job today. Not tomorrow, let's say this giant, who is with us, who saved our lives, who gives us breath test. Sometimes the Lord asks of us what seems impossible.

I know, I've lived in the flesh … It is sometimes a long wait, it is unreadable and there are long spaces of silence … Have you ever wondered what more you love … who is your special love? Christ wants and needs be the first from it the rest is added. Do not think about the consequences and the end result of this test, no. Let it be God to show us the way and the path to follow. Do not like the rich young man, not half live Christian lives, lives that Christ is incomplete without the center.

The Zohar

However, The Book of Zohar, inevitably hides the authors, until humanity was in need of your gift. Why now? The Book of Zohar was discovered by chance, apparently, by the widow of Rabbi Moshe de Leon in the thirteenth century. Since then, only a handful of Kabbalists have been studied in isolated corners in its sole discretion, taking care not to reveal the public prematurely, before the end of the period of exile. The revelation of The Book of Zohar in our time, is one of the milestones that mark the end of the period of exile and the beginning of spiritual awakening in the world, as we had expected the owners of The Zohar, 2000 years before, when they wrote: "… and because of Israel are destined to enjoy the Tree of Life, which is the Book of Zohar, will leave the exile with mercy …" (Zohar, Naso). Today, humanity as a community, must rise to a new level of existence, based on the union, love and reciprocity. When the Rav Yehuda Ashlag (Baal HSulam) published what was to prove, the more profound and extensive commentary on The Book of Zohar "Sulam Comment (ladder) – had in mind to make this manuscript should be understandable and accessible to everyone. The focus of her job was to interpret the spiritual terms of the Zohar in its inner meaning, that is, qualities and insights that are discovered internally, unlike the mundane descriptions of objects and historical events, to protect the reader of all kinds of confusion and keep it aligned with the true meaning of the book.

Lip Care

Beautiful lips – one of the best jewelry person. Therefore, you should be especially careful to follow them. During the day it is recommended to lubricate the lips colorless hygienic lipstick. If you used a decorative lipsticks, it should be fat. In the evening lips are cleansed – the remaining lipstick is removed with a cotton swab dipped in vegetable oil.

Then applied to rich cream. When applying the cream lightly massaged her lips. The cream is applied to the second and third his right hand a light circular motion around the mouth, then thumb and forefinger and index fingers of both hands, smeared with cream, upper lip is captured through the entire thickness, including the vermillion border (the index finger placed at the top of a large), produced slightly pressed down, press and movement, Pincher lip to the teeth from the lips of its corners. Also massaged his lower lip. Massage prevents the formation of vertical wrinkles around the mouth that appear on the upper lip. Everyone who often licks his lips, they expose to the wind especially in the winter, crack or become rough.

This habit must be unlearned. Try to lubricate lip bitter taste means: aloe, a one percent sintomitsinovoy emulsion. To soften the lips are used as vegetable oils (olive, corn, peach). Heated oil moistened piece of cotton wool, which is clamped between his lips, and hold for 15-20 minutes. The dark hairs on her upper lip negate the beauty of your mouth. They become invisible if they cover a special cream. Since the skin of lips is very sensitive, you should check it will take this cream. Apply a few spots on the elbow. If the skin does not turn red and starts to itch, then you can safely use the cream. You can also use a special cream for hair removal. In either case, Protect lips with a fat cream. Both procedures can be repeated in 1 – 2 weeks (as soon as the hair grows back). Get rid of the hair can only be in a beauty salon. Removing lipstick before going to bed should be removed lipstick. This is not a simple procedure, as it may seem. Many lipsticks have high stability (that is, for this property, we value them), their constituent pigments embedded in the lining of the lips. Therefore, such substances must be carefully removed, and then follow the procedure for the care of his lips to the next morning they were fresh and they can be easily and beautifully put lipstick. Not recommended to remove the lipstick from his lips with water and soap, as the mucous membrane of the lips is very delicate and has a soap it dries action. Penetrating into the pores of the mucous membrane of lip stain can be removed only with fat-containing means.