Diet Tips

The following are advice to lower of weight who have tried to give results if they are applied day to day. 1. To eat protein in each food, including in the breakfast. 2. To eliminate the wheat and products with flour, at the moment. And yes, that definitively includes the bread and it grazes.

3. To eat foods not process. The ninety percent than you eat you must be a combination (in this order of importance) of crude vegetables, whole vegetables to the steam, grains, thin proteins, and perhaps some fruits if it is necessary. 4. To reduce the starch to a portion to the day, and not it comma in dinner. The best options are the oats kidney beans, sweet potato and flour. 5. One does not exceed with the fruits: a maximum of one to the day, and only the low sugar, the rich variety in fiber.

Apples, pears, plums and beans, all are good options. So far, the fruit is due to eat single or with something light, like the fruits droughts of low fat. To lose the fruit juice completely. 6. To reduce or to eliminate milky ones, at the moment, especially cow milk. Exceptions: a reasonable amount of sugar, yogurt without fat. 7. To lose the drink. In spite of which " estudios" , they say, does not lose no benefit of health when leaving the alcohol (it came including). There are nothing essential in the alcohol that cannot be obtained in the fruits and no vegetables without all the bad indirect effect that go along with her. 8. It stops using vegetal oils like the sunflower, crtamo and maize. The type of oils that are in the supermarkets is highly refining, and it oxidizes easily when it is warmed up, contributing to the arterial plate. It uses the olive oil in its place, and apliquelo to foods after the food is cooked when it is possible. 9. To watch what types of fat are eating. The amount of fat that eats is probably less important that the type of fat that eats. The worse ones are the fried foods, margarine and foods that contain hydrogenated oils partially or hydrogenated. The best thing is the Omega-3, that is in the fish and the linseed oil. 10. To drink water Obsessively: To less 8 oz by each 20 pounds of the corporal weight that is taking his now around, every day. Every day. There are no excuses. It tries to follow these advice to lower of weight, while you become attached yourself more to them, more success you will have in your fight against the fat. A guaranteed form exists to burn corporal fat quickly. If you are in a desperation state to lose weight, the following message is most important that you could read. Beam Click Here right now. Original author and source of the article.

Serotonina Pain

Of each 10 patients with fibromialgia, 9 are women. The reason is not known because this happens. It does not seem to have a relation with hormones, therefore the fibromialgia in such a way affects the women before how much after the menopause. The age of appearance of the fibromialgia is generally between 30 and 60 years. However, cases in older people, children and adolescents exist.

Cure for the fibromilagia does not exist, however, with the current treatment the person is possible to try to be without pain or with pain to a very low level. The other symptoms as the fatigue, the alteration of sleep and the depression also can be treated adequately. More than what in other problems, the treatment of the fibromialgia depends very on the patient. The doctor must act more as a guide of what only a person who supplies remedies. It is very important that the person with fibromialgia understands that the regular physical activity will have that to be kept for the remaining portion of the life, for the risk of the fibromialgia to come back if this activity will be interrupted. In some cases physical activity if becomes only therapeutical the necessary one. The physical activity presents an analgesic effect; for stimulating the release of endorfinas, it functions as antidepressant; provides a sensation of global well-being and self-control. The treatment can be farmacolgico (tricclicos antidepressants, selective Chokes of recaptao of Serotonina and Benzodiazepnicos) or not farmacolgico (physical exercises, acupuntura, psychological support) or both.

The treatment has as objective the relief of pain, the improvement of the quality of sleep, the maintenance or reestablishment of the emotional balance, the improvement of the physical conditioning and the fatigue and the specific treatment of clutters associates. The doctor is the only one that he can affirm, with certainty, if what it is causing as much pain for its body is this syndrome. But to arrive at this conclusion it guide in the answers of questions as the ones that appear in the test to follow, elaborated by the reumatologista Evelyn Goldenberg, author of the book the Heart feels, the Body aches (Ed. Atheneu). Test: REFERENCES 1.PROVENZA, JR et al. Project Lines of direction. Brazilian society of reumatologia. Fibromialgia, 2004. Available in: . 2.PAIVA, Eduardo S. UFPR Federal University of the Paran. Fibromialgia. Questions and answers. So Paulo. Available in: 3.Fibromyalgia Network tratament & Research News. What Fibromyalgia Feels Like. Available in: