The body is flexible. One assumes that he is flexible. You must be able to double and to take hold something that fell to him in the ground. You must be able to close the later part of his favorite dress by his own account. You must be able to arrive at that book that needs to read in the shelf superior.

One is simple activities. Nothing that requires effort, you only extended a little. , If there are difficulties to make movements so simple, nevertheless then you must extend his limits. What used needs is an elongation program. What is elongation? Elongation is simply the act to extend the length overall of the body or, simply, a part.

This activity consists of straightening or stretching the structure or the extremities. How is obtained elongation? Elongation is quite easy. As it were mentioned in the introduction, it is involved in the normal activities. It can be realised by any person, independent of his age. Nevertheless, degree of elongation and flexion is different. The muscles are contracted when a person ages. The range of movements of the joint can be diminished. This can be annoying for a style of normal life. She is why when the person grows, to incline or to flexionar themselves she sees herself more limited. This is the reason for which elongation must be an important daily routine. Simple exercises of elongation can be done every day. The style of life and the daily activities can be incorporated in. They do not require much of its time. The elongation exercises also can be done during the training. In fact, elongation is an essential part of any training or deports. One is due to do first before nothing. The elongation of the body and the extremities are a good preparation for one more a more rigorous activity.


Some of our typical exercises to be higher, swimming and cycling are shown by the medical investigators to force the body to produce a significant quantity of the hormone of human growth. The exercise of the hormone of induced growth (AIE) well is recognized physiologically, and is caused by the balance acid-bases, the catecholamines, the nitric oxide, and lactate. Of them, the main causes of the secretion of the hormone of human growth it seems to be the nitric oxide and of lactate. Its objective during the streching is to apply the resistance extends to the formation that will produce great amounts of the secretion of the hormone of human growth. The growth hormone increases of thickness of the cartilage, it increases the densidad bony, and they let you grow more stop.

This is the reason for which the importance of the intensity cannot be emphasized sufficient that needs to apply with all and each streching to grow more stop. This means that you must exert a minimum of 10 minutes with great intensity to increase its probabilities of higher growth. The intensity to construct must be sufficient for lactate in muscles to increase the stature. This lactate activates the secretion of the growth hormone, even after the exercise, during the periods of normal rest for more than 24 hours! Its body becomes a growth of the machine of manufacture of hormones literally to increase to the possibility of any increase of height Everything what you need is to carry out the exercises of correct streching and you will be able to grow more stop.