Workplace Health Tips

Sustainable BGM in small businesses it is possible due to demographic change and ongoing shortage significantly long healthy to get the existing staff the operation. The positive consequences of the occupational health management (BGM) include reduced medical costs and absenteeism a better working environment and increased labour productivity so more and more employers introduce a BGM in their operation. To the efficient and long-term implementation of health promotion in the setting operation, is corresponding multifunctional know-how necessary, that can be implemented either by its own BGM experts or through cooperation with external specialists and networks in enterprises. Not the resources sustainable BGM in small farms possible just small and medium-sized companies is often alone optimally implement a BGM. Companies build a BGM will make with the new initiative of the German College for prevention and health ( and of the DSSV health at the workplace itself” support and qualification possibilities offered for BGM competent staff as well as health consultants and service providers in this area. These educational solutions, companies can qualify own professionals for BGM such as specialist for occupational health management”(Chamber of Commerce) or master of the DHfPG with a focus on BGM.

Specialist for BGM”the BSA-Akademie qualifies the participants to develop a holistic approach to the BGM quality assured and lasting into the organizational structure to implement. The study focus BGM in the master of prevention and health management of the German University qualified for the conception, management and implementation of projects and measures of workplace health promotion (WHP) and establishing a BGM in a company. Company Description BSA Academy: The BSA-Akademie is ISO certified and with ca. 130, 000 participants since 1983 a leading education provider in the market of the future prevention, fitness, and health. With the help of about 50 State approved courses career changers how fitness professionals can qualify individually: getting started in the industry succeed with B license “-Lehrgangen such as for fitness, training, nutrition and mental fitness.

Quick Health Tips

Lent is so closer than to start spring with the project as what is. We start with the project sure you have even tulips and Primroses on the table. The first signs of spring are already there. It’s time to think about us. Awaken your body out of hibernation and stimulate your hormones start fit in the day.

Operate an active health and stress management. In the winter, we have us hung in warm sweaters, ate delicious oily things and often the nature of observed inside. It certainly won’t be long now and then can we from Peel us. Show back arms, legs and abdomen. So how about, if we can right now, spring start the project and therefore Easter fit and fun in the Sun start? What is to do? Because true beauty () from the inside comes, here are some small, practical tips with surprising effect: you can start the day with a glass of warm water. If you want to intensify the effect, you mix apple cider vinegar (organic tastes better) and water 1:1 the purifies and brings the intestine on Trapp. Our skin also has stress in winter. In the bathroom, we start with a dry brush massage for the whole body.

This removes the dead skin cells, opens clogged pores and brings the circulation going. For breakfast eat always some fruit. Who don’t want to peel who can choose also a fruit juice (caution: pay attention to food additives and sugar!). At lunch, we can toggle now easy on oily and hot and warm. By Kale on broccoli, from meat to fish. By the way, our body with a glass of fruit juice for dinner can better split the vitamins from the food. Our body needs a light diet, now but please do not make the mistake and get right on the salad. It’s still too cold and we need protein and carbohydrates at lunch, to trim our cells to spring. Our skin needs now as enough fuel such as our nerves and the brain. How about, to lunch for a little spin around the block? Fresh air in fill up to its fullest. If this is not possible, put a few minutes before the open window and breathe the air in deep trains and back off. This is pure energy, even when it rains! In the afternoon, indulge us an extra power. Fermented vegetable juice instead of cappuchino! There are now really tasty vegetable juices, believe me! No matter whether a woman with double or as a man at work, also don’t forget himself in the evening. A little ICH time is always in there. Maybe a little Wellnesseinheit, healthy one Detox tea or even just a few minutes all to yourself alone, to end the day. I guarantee you, with my project spring”can way detoxify and strengthen the nerves. Will improve your fitness and your winter shortness of breath will disappear. Yes, let’s invigorated, good-humored and irresistible in the spring start together! Marion Waje Heder anti-aging and health advice

Deodorant Stick

MEN S Aftershave Balm / Balm after shaving Removes a feeling of tightness and provides ultimate comfort! Instantly absorbed, leaving no oily sheen. Contains carefully selected ingredients: ‘pleasant menthol cools and tones the skin, creates a sense of purity and freshness, ‘Panthenol instantly soothes and moisturizes the skin after shaving,’ allantoin prevents inflammation; ‘shea butter provides optimum protection. Balm Shaving is recommended for men with normal to dry skin. 100 ml of professional advice: Apply a thin layer on the skin after shaving procedure. If you have combination or oily skin, use a gel instead of balm after Shave in a series of Ideal Men. 3. MEN’S Moisturizing Cream / Moisturizer MEN’S Men’s skin needs daily care.

Especially in cold weather and frequent shaving her stress cause dehydration. There is a feeling of tightness, there is irritation and flaking. This moisturizing cream solves all problems! Sesame oil and shea butter soften the skin, eliminate flaking and restore the natural protective barrier and restore the natural protective barrier return a pleasant feeling of comfort. Since dehydration of the skin helps make short work of a unique set of related skin substances – NMF (natural moisturizing factor). The formula also includes herbal cream extracts, vitamin E and UV filters to protect against external stress, slow the aging process and prevent the appearance of early wrinkles.

Cream instantly absorbed without greasy shine through and vegetable polyphenols preserves the natural matte skin throughout the day. It is recommended for men with normal to dry skin. Capacity 50 ml Professional advice: Apply a thin layer of agent on a clean face and neck. Use the following washing in the evening and morning, in the days when you do not shave. 4. MEN’S Cleansing Gel / Cleansing Gel for washing MEN’S Gently cleanses skin of dirt and greasy, great tones and refreshes. Contains wheat proteins and panthenol preserving the natural skin moisture. In formula witch hazel extract normalizes the function of the sebaceous glands, helps to narrow pores and reduce shine. Allantoin prevents inflammation. It is recommended for men with normal and combination skin. Capacity – 150 ml Professional advice: rinse face and neck with water, apply a small amount of gel and massage the skin with circular motions, then carefully rinse with water. 5. MEN’S Deo Stick / Deodorant Stick MEN’S Has a nice refreshing flavor blends perfectly with the means of shaving and skin care products MEN’S. Thanks to the deodorizing component (farnesol) protects against odor sweat, retains a sense of purity and freshness throughout the day. Contains soothing skin Bisabolol. Deodorant Stick is very easy to use: a cost-spent, it is easy to spread on the skin and does not create the effect of stickiness. Does not contain alcohol. Mild formula is suitable for men with sensitive skin. Capacity – 50 ml Professional advice: Apply to clean skin on armpits, gently massage until completely absorbed funds.

Smoking and Health

Having wrong when the patient has risk factor of smoking. Keywords: Myocardial Infarction, Tobacco, Influence. 1.INTRODUO the tobaccoism affects millions of individuals in the whole world, therefore if they become a problem each more evident time for the World-wide Organization of the Health, other world-wide entities that act in its prevention and its combat (HISS et al; 2008). The tobacco has been associated to an increase in mortality for aterosclertica coronary illness, what it was proven in diverse studies. This results of the association of some harmful effect of the tobaccoism on the mechanisms of aterognese and trombose (NOZAWA et al; 2003). The study of infarto acute of the myocardium (THEY WENT) it is basic for the high prevalence, mortality and morbidade of the illness. Studies epidemiologists disclose taxes of general mortality for 30% return, being that half of the deaths occurs in first the two hours and 14% die before receiving attendance medical. However, the patients who precociously receive services from emergency had been the ones that had more had benefit of the therapeutical advances of the last decades (PESARO and SERRANO, 2004).

The problematic one of research if of the one for the great appearance of infarto acute of the myocardium, and as the tobaccoism can influence in the illness. It presents as objective it influences to describe it of the tobaccoism predisposition to infarto acute of the myocardium. 2.REVISO OF LITERATURE 2,1 Carrie DEFINITION (2007) presents infarto as the reduction of the sanguineous flow of coronary arteries, resulting in isquemia and necrosis of the myocardium. Mortality is great if the treatment will be delayed, and almost half of the sudden deaths for infarto acute of the myocardium, occurs before hospitalization, for return of the first hour after the beginning of the symptoms. The prognostic improves with strong treatment, initiate immediately. According to Smeltzer and Bare (2005), infarto acute of the myocardium is caused by the sanguineous flow diminuido of a coronary artery due to rupture of aterosclertica plate and to subsequente occlusion of the artery for one trombo.

Restoring Windows

In the situation of monetary crisis, when every ruble, without exaggeration, be on a separate account as at the individual, so does the business, including large companies, the difficulties of various reconditioning often many try to avoid trite, postponed until better times. Realistically, for example, the acquisition of new windows is becoming unaffordable burden on the budget or, in any case, unnecessary in this situation embezzlement. But in order to rooms in which you live or work, yet could not only look good, but retained heat and comfort, you want to pick up new ways. One list of such other permits a rather reasonable financially and in this case could lead to the necessary result of becoming a quality repair of windows. Choosing the type of repair of windows, the owner or removing spaces in a state with a minimal investment to fix problems aesthetic repairs. Everyone knows that sometimes in order to be able to lead a decent room in the form of, for example, directly before the sale, transfer, lease or even private use, that's enough really fix the windows – and legal to use later.

While the professional restoration of the windows is so high quality that the layman will easily understand that the windows are not only bought, but only repaired. While in this type of repair characteristics of glass recovered in full. Windows update can be necessary and in the living rooms, which long years exploited, but which is no way to overhaul, for example, replacing windows. In today's complex financial situations, redecorating glass may be a genuine substitute for other, more expensive types of upgrade room. If you, for example, want to build in more and shutters, while here in particular will not be able to do without competent support. It is often with the intention to strengthen window and could begin a complete home renovation.

Because at a certain hour of a person begins to realize that the savings in repair room may lead to a much larger expenditure. And to make timely repair of windows offers a chance to make a living and working conditions comfortable and the accommodations more comfortable. Crisis – an opportune moment for a reasonable cost. Preferring redecorating glass, you choose the most practical solution for your home or office.

Ability Skills

Speech cortex: – formation of an active child’s speech, vocabulary new terms. 3. Thinking, memory, attention, concentration, visual and auditory perception. 4.

Coordination of large movements and the ability to control the body, improve motor skills. 5. Spatial orientation on a sheet of paper and in the surrounding area. 6. Formation skills training activities: – the ability to listen, understand and implement verbal set teacher – the ability to act properly, repeating the pattern shown. The implementation of these tasks with age-appropriate children promotes their intellectual development.

The basic directions of formation of tactile and fine motor skills in children with visual impairment. 1. Correction of touch. The skills of touch and fine motor skills are in different types of material and practical activities. Modeling. During the modeling clay, plasticine is particularly well developed fine motor skills, strengthens the muscles of the fingers, produced by subtle movements of hands and fingers, fixed tactile examination skills, particularly in the sculpting from life. Children who come to our preschool age (usually) three years, can not roll up the sausage, squeeze her palms to the desired force to get a flat. So you have to teach their own formative movement, and its qualities: strength, focus. At first, taking their hands in his, and together we sausages rolls, balls, squeezing them, making a flat shape. Then teaching to model simple objects (vegetables, fruits, mushrooms). In the third and fourth year of the same children learning under the guidance of tutors molded figurines of animals and people.

Private Health Insurance

Increase in the number of insured persons in 2010 was successful for the private health insurance companies. With almost nine million insured people and thus connected by 1.0 percent compared to the previous year the industry looks confidently on the coming years. The private insurance Portal informs about the background. The figures show that the private insurers in the field of insurance as well as the supplementary insurance recorded positive developments. This is evident, inter alia in relation to the long-term care insurance.

Private provision is becoming increasingly important due to the increase in life expectancy. So, 2010 more than 200,000 persons completed a supplementary care insurance. Although the increase turned out less with nearly 85,000 new insured than in the previous year, the private health insurance companies are optimistic. The Association of private health insurance the numbers on it are noisy due to that as a result of the force since early 2009 insurance many up to that time chose uninsured private insurance, resulting in a significant customer growth resulted. Until end of 2010 the gross income of workers had to exceed three years compulsory insurance, so that they could switch in a private health insurance. The abolition of this period the sector hopes is another plus. In addition, that the limit of the compulsory insurance was reduced this year, which also facilitates the Exchange.

Now Healthy Tannat Wine

With BestVita, the slightly different Web shop for health and pleasure-conscious people, the Internet has become a shop enrichment in the field of healthy nutrition. In just a few months has become the new Internet shop BestVita has already made a name. Owner Katja had provided Woods after their victory over the cancer of a new task and had one goal: make an online shop on the legs where you will find only the best health-promoting products. There are many tips and tricks for the products shopping not long finding more specific products in many different shops, but everything in a shop and save the pure get. This is managed, but long time no reason to sit back. We are still still under construction by BestVita and the shop also looks like, it is so beautiful and done a lot of work and that’s a good thing. At least it gives us only half a year and I hope we have a lot of work for many years, because it is too much fun.” A large project was and the is Tannat wine, the necessarily the shop with up should be taken, because he is so healthy. Tannat is a special wine grape that is grown in the vineyards of Madiran in southern France.

Since the publication of the research results by Roger Corder, Tannat wine considered the healthiest wine at all. Tannat is powerful, extremely intense in color, almost black wines with flashy tannin structure. The wine provides the highest levels of Proanthocyanidins and Resveratrol, which have proven to be as a preventative for cancer, heart and cardiovascular diseases, as well as free radical scavenger and hardly a different grape variety produces so tannin-rich wines. “” Tannat comes from “tan and tanning means in the ancient language of the Southwest”. Apart from the impressive backgrounds of the Tannat wine, has also deliberately opted BestVita for two wine growers in southern France. “” Due to the hard work of Alain Brumont since the early of 1980s, where he began with a few vineyards, Tannat has today become the Cepages nobles, the noble vines”, counted.

He won numerous awards already and its wine range fits perfectly with BestVita. As the wine-grower family Dousseau with the winery Sergent. It was exciting to import the wine and I is like a stone of the heart when the delivery arrived safely,”as Woods. Now, BestVita is equipped with the healthy wine and could even delivered the pre-orders. Right now at Christmas time the wine is given away like. Let’s get even health packages and the wine is of course often. Titled healthy in the new year, a nice health package is a great gift.” Who ordered yet, can expect even a timely delivery to Christmas Eve. The company in her blog at together has taken more information around the interesting wine, which by the way also still excellent cheeses.

Best Private Health Insurance

Can you say clearly what is the best car? What is the best car? Who has, by its statutory health insurance in a private insurance to switch, is of course of all until this all important question. You expected on the one hand, better services, but also the supposedly high savings potential of an Exchange would like to exploit. So where only? First of all to say it: Unfortunately you can not identify or determine which insurance company offers the best private health insurance. The reason: What to expect for the services he or she and any requested is always on the person to be insured. In addition, the concrete life situation is crucial. Once, we assume that the conditions for a private insurance exist at all. Then you can give the following advice a potentially interested parties in any case on the way: the cheapest private KV is not necessarily the best. What should you do to find the best suitable for insurance? Take out This decision quiet some time and you will clear itself once, what you expect from the health insurance fund and what services you are willing to wear.

Play through once some cases which you do not hope that they enter. If you want has to fight in the hospital, but you might see pain with the uncertainty regarding the treatment success, would you be angry around at least not around poor service or stress with the roommate. It is advisable to use the possibilities of the Internet in advance and to pick up without any information of pressure of time. Reputable insurance portals there are often free, no-obligation insurance comparisons to the health insurance and other insurance types, so for example also on and in the online insurance calculators you can play-through, what it cost the service packages in the individual company once.