The problem occurs when the search for the perfection starts paralyzing in them, that is, when we are so worried in delivering optimum work and getting the best ones resulted, that, repletos of anxiety, we do not obtain to act. Without the shadow of a doubt, the search for the perfection can bring great victories. Innumerable people obtain to be distinguished professionally and in diverse areas of its life, because of the search for the perfection, then we believe that this would be an acceptance quality. The problems occur when the perfeccionismo passes to the other separates and starts to commit an error of called thought everything or nothing or I am good, or I am a failure , or I make perfect, or I do not make , loves or me, or it hates to me, and thus we go we classify the things, the people and the facts without considering that it has a half possible and acceptable term. To know to classify the proper degree of perfeccionismo and to know if it is if becoming harmful it is necessary to make an auto-evaluation and to question if this is disabling it to carry through its activities or bringing interepessoais damages.

If this will be occurring is necessary to implement some actions route to the resolution of this difficulty. One of these actions would be to question of the proper thoughts and to search thoughts alternative. Thus, when to occur a thought of the type: or I will obtain to get the best ones resulted, or will be a failure total, we must question it and thus start to acquire a cognitiva flexibility, that is, to perceive the situations under other optics, to obtain a half term.

The Migration

Factors taiscomo the increase of the tax of patient day, the migration of deriving patients, deoutro hospital, the introduction of new disgnostic methods, the perfectioning dossistemas of notification, the change in the definition of cases, the appearance of novose effective treatments and the possibility of problems with the validity of the data devigilncia, for subnotificao, bias or duplicity of notifications can produzirresultados spurious or false. This will have to guide the degree and the extension dasrecomendaes of action directed toward the control of the infections, as well as anecessidade to carry through studies specific epidemiologists and to evaluate sistemade vigilncia.6.5 Spreading of the DadosA periodic spreading of the resultant information of the analysis and given interpretaodos collected and of the taken measures of control constitutes one of the etapascruciais of the monitoring.

Data that the analysis of data must be carried through in all osnveis of the system, the feedback of the system must also arrive the essesmesmos nveis.16O flow of the IH notifications, leave to the inverse one of the hierarchic pyramid, where the CCIH communicates to the instances biggest (municipal, state coordination), for the had steps and interventions. The state coordinations/distritalrepassam then the information to the federal coordination, that in turn will carry through aanlise and in case that necessary, the had intervention, respect to the given autonomy asdemais spheres, as it deals with Law 8080 the NATIONAL SUS.107 INDICATING OF INFECOA ANVISA comes producing, since 2008, manual that they approach diferentesquestes related to the main infectious syndromes related assistncia to the health, including its definitions, pointers, measures and estratgiasde preveno.9Foi chosen as priority, in this phase of implantation of the sistemanacional of notification of infection in establishments of assistance to the health, aomonitorizao of the pointer of primary infection of the sanguineous chain. This noexclui that later other pointers such as respiratory, tratourinrio treatment, surgical small farm and excessively can come to be monitored..

Statutory Health Insurance

May a cash levy the additional fee? (UM) The additional contributions of the statutory health insurance (GKV) are currently on everyone’s lips. But many contradictory statements there, here are some information and clarifications: 1) the funds do that? Yes. the legal basis is the social security code V, which expressly permitted in 242 of these possibilities. It says: 242 Kassenindividueller supplementary contribution (1) as far as the financial needs of a health insurance company by allocations from the Fund is not covered, she has in its statutes to determine that an additional fee is charged by its members. 2.) how the supplementary contribution is high now? Here too, the law provides for appropriate regulations in 242. The additional fee is limited to 1 per cent of insurance revenue of the Member. Notwithstanding sentence 2 the health insurance rises from the additional contribution without checking the amount of revenue of the Member, if the monthly additional contribution does not exceed the sum of 8 euro. In practice, this means but far more.

The insurance revenue used maximum up to the amount of the contribution assessment ceiling. This currently stands at 3,750 EUR per month. A (maximum) additional contribution is thus EUR 37.50. 3.) pays the employer (employees) even 50% of the additional fee? No. The employer is involved employees and workers (employees) only the General contribution rate. This alone must pay the 0.9% employee share and also a possible (flat rate or percentage) additional fee. 4.) can I Cancel if the Fund collects the additional fee? Yes.

In this case the additional contribution is according 242 not to raise. They say: members who have time exercised the special right of termination under 175 ABS. 4 set 5 because the first imposition of the additional contribution, the additional fee will not be charged. Exercised the special right of termination due to an increase of the additional contribution, the increased additional fee will not be charged. The termination does not take effect, will be charged the additional fee in full. and then there is set in 175 ABS. 4 5 next: the health insurance fund as of 1 January 2009 collects an additional contribution, she increased their additional contributions or reducing your premium payment, 1 up to the initial due date the post survey, which cancelled contribution increase or reduction in the premium membership may be fixed by set. This is also the usual (and regulated in 175 ABS. 4, sentence 1) period of 18 months. Should be so voluntarily insured, must remain therefore not mandatory in the statutory health insurance, it is so advisable is also once more the subject of private Krankenversicherung (PKV) to deal with. However, is the car isn’t for everyone. In private and professional plans for the future are to take account of claims, and many other factors.