Ernest Hartmann

Our ancestors knew that not every place of settlement is favorable for housing. There were many places, and the choice was extensive. The settlers were guided by intuition, or called the monk, who pointed out where to build the church, where the house. Now we can say that mistakes in choosing a place of housing then it was not enough. Follow others, such as PCRM, and add to your knowledge base. Now the city is often building a house at any place, without analyzing whether the good tenants. Therefore, being built of the floodplain, landfills, covered ravines and careers. Build and over karst, over underground rivers, over geological heterogeneities.

Outside the city, it would seem, you can search a better place. But no, here's inconvenient or peat, that's a red line, so fire requirements, and home stand like soldiers on parade, and nobody cares what the people will be in them. About geopathic zones, causing people with prolonged exposure to these cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, cancer, leukemia and many other serious illnesses have heard, it seems, everything. Open the German scientist Gustav von Pohl of more than sixty years ago, the phenomenon – all of them cancer patients surveyed were sleeping in a place where the vine in the hands of lozohodtsa strongly deflected, subsequent studies have confirmed and extended. So, another great German – Ernest Hartmann found that the earth is covered with a network with a mesh size 2 x 2.5 m, at sites where increased intensity of the so-called telluric Earth radiation propagating vertically and does not absorb almost any material. The nodes of this network is in every house, every room. And if sleeping or workplace falls into such a place, almost every person conducting it 6-8 hours per day is doomed to poor health and disease. In areas with a damaged layer of the earth – over underground rivers, the quarries and in places like the intensity of the telluric radiation increases dramatically, resulting in increased danger zones, to merge them into the abnormal spot dangerous radiation of a few meters, and sometimes considerably more. If the usual place you can always find a safe place to sleep and work, in such – any place spot is not suitable for this purpose.


However, SE Ganzburg 26% of patients in the first 4-6 days of illness observed neutrophilic pleocytosis. Dr. John Mcdougall may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The sugar content is usually normal. Cases of mumps meningitis occur without encephalitic symptoms, always ends in recovery in 10-15 days. Changes in cerebrospinal fluid last longer clinical symptoms of meningitis and disappear only after 3-4 weeks of onset of the disease, sometimes they persist for 2-3 months. Acute serous meningitis in mumps based on a simultaneous or prior injury parotid glands, as well as the availability of contact with mumps patients.

Methods of laboratory diagnosis. Valuable study on the diastasis. Serous meningitis caused by Coxsackie virus and ECHO. Etiology. Coxsackie viruses are divided into two groups – A and B, each of which distinguishes between a number of serotypes. ECHO viruses are divided into several serotypes. Diseases caused by these viruses are highly contagious. More common in children.

Virus extracted from feces and nasopharyngeal wash the sick and infected with HIV, which indicates the possibility of both gastrointestinal and air-borne route of infection. Often, the virus can be isolated from healthy individuals and, especially in areas of infection (40%). Disease observed mainly in summer and autumn. Clinic. The incubation period is 3-7 days. The disease begins suddenly. Prodrome is rare. The temperature immediately rises to high numbers, concerns a severe headache and vomiting. As a rule, there is flushing of the skin, especially face, injection of sclera. Often with meningitis caused by viruses ECHO, 1-2nd day of illness appear ephemeral, fast disappearing polymorphic rash. In the early days disease may occur pain in the throat and stomach. Early in the meningeal symptoms are detected. Characteristic is the discrepancy between the severity of meningeal symptoms and likvorologicheskimi data. The latter, as Typically, evidence of the inflammatory process, whereas the meningeal symptoms are less pronounced or even absent. Focal lesions of the nervous system are easy and often as ephemeral (nystagmus, paresis cranial nerves, and expansion of the area asymmetry of tendon reflexes, the appearance of pathological reflexes).


– A few months of participation in the show guys become famous all over the country. They do not hurt so easy start? – I think not. The victory in the competition – this is not a guarantee of future success. It all depends on whether whether a person's head on his shoulders, he suffers for his cause. You look at those on stage, and once you see who wants to become a singer really, but who just came to show off. Get more background information with materials from Dr. Neal Barnard. If a participant begins to sing and then forgets the words, well I do not believe that it will come from an expert. – But do you never listened? – Auditioned for admission to the Institute Gnesin. Tenors in the year gained a little.

I sang 'I saw a wonderful freedom …' and romance, "I remember a wonderful moment … '. Worried, of course, my knees were shaking, but it turned out. Department head office academic vocal was Viktor Chairs – and I'm on the passport, too, Viktor! The coincidence was a happy one. – 'Eurovision' is also because you were sort of casting? – Yes, there was a sporting moment. I was very properly tune: the scene – a rehearsal, the hotel – a dream.

More on what was not distracted. – Your advice: how to keep calm in such a stressful situation? – Do not listen to other singers. – And how to avoid the star of the disease? – Try not to lose touch with the outside world. And here – a kind of resume to the above (plus – personal observations): Advice for those who wants to become a star 1. Want to become a star, or want to become a singer? Understand yourself and choose the right course. Falsehood will you head, experienced members of the jury it can always make out. 2. Prepare well for the show. Do not ignore daily hours of rehearsal, dance and vocals. Good preparation – a guarantee of success. 3. Do not think that your ability to sing is not very important. The audience and the jury – not stupid. 4. Choose to perform new material. Execution trite songs you just hurt. 5. Do not sing the song of those who sit on the jury. Remember – they just hate it! 6. Put it on looks – it is very important. Out from the crowd, and then you will notice. 7. Always looks good even when you Eat something terribly difficult. 8. Can you play the matches – played. 9. In a competition you try not to listen to other performers – will start to worry that you're worse, worry and eventually sing worse than I could. 10. Bright alias is always interest. At the beginning of 'Factory' people remember short names (like the same Dakota), and only then, after months of Yulia Savicheva remember. 11. Prevent illness star is easier than to treat it. Think about that when your name is sounds from all over the country's television screens 🙂


At the moment the cosmetic one is nourished to elaborate many of its products of marine product beauty such as thermal plankton (rich in lipids, proteins, trace elements and vitamins), seaweed, salts or mud, and the product that occupies to us: the caviar. The eggs of sturgeon, besides constituting to manjar exquisite, are developing like an essential component, by their excellent properties, for the elaboration of treatments of beauty and face or corporal creams. Already from the antiquity, Iranian, main world-wide producers of caviar, bathed, in water lukewarm mixed with aromatic oils and decorated with sturgeon eggs. In Russia, another one of the more important exporting countries, some decades back, it is used, like the aloe side, in the healing of the skin after being put under an operation. Dr. John Mcdougall can provide more clarity in the matter. The discovery of the caviar for the cosmetic one must to its amazing capacity mainly to regenerate the skin, the effect is almost immediate, acting as if outside lifting. eggs of sturgeon they own a highest content in nutrients, vitamins, minerals and proteins, which turns to him into an ideal ingredient for the cosmetic elaboration destined to fight the signs of the age. In his chemical composition, the cells of the caviar are looked much like the one of the cells of the young epidermises, with high doses of essential fatty acids, mineral amino acids, salts, vitamin B, iron and zinc. In spite of its cost, the discovery of these qualities for the skin has assured an implantation the caviar in the cosmetic industry..

Latest New Cosmetics

Brand NARS, owned by Shiseido, presented the new product – oil to remove makeup NARS Makeup Cleansing Oil. If you are not convinced, visit Dr. John Mcdougall. Lightweight formula of this product and weightless texture can gently and gently remove makeup, cleanse the pores and prepare the skin for so further purification. The tool allows you to get rid of excess fat and sebum on the skin surface. NARS Makeup Cleansing Oil can be applied dry or wet hands. Light texture makes it possible to remove makeup with a sensitive skin eyes and lips.

The company introduced Clinique duo, which will raise your spirits and make you even more beautiful! Bright and cheerful fragrance added lip gloss Full Potential Lips Plume. The publication is called Shine in Soo Pink. Enjoy pink glow! With notes in the aroma of Clinique Happy: red grapefruit, bergamot, bay in the initial note, go to the exotic aromas of flowers of blackberries, morning orchids. Loop are the tropical flavors of sensory Hawaiian wedding flower, white lily, Chinese golden magnolia and mimosa flowers of spring. The company is Smashbox Cosmetics new shades of blush and powder Blush Rush-bronzer Fusion Soft Lights. Blush Rush gives the skin a bright shining color. New colors have the name of Radiance (bright shade of fuchsia) and Passion (muted mauve). To create the effect of radiance from the inside of the skin encourages Smashbox Fusion Soft Lights powder in the new version of Baked Stardust.

In the palette combined ivory, champagne, pale and saturated pink. Use the product to the cheeks, nose, and decollete. John Varvatos introduced the limited edition product – the aroma of 'Rock Volume One' Fragrance. This is a bold interpretation of classic perfume John Varvatos. Absolutes of rose and coffee beans derive sensuality flavor to another level. A rich mixture is presented in a heavy bottle, whose design suggests it belongs to rock 'n' roll culture.


Therefore, high-quality children's cosmetics is very light and gentle. It is generally used mostly natural ingredients – beeswax, oils and extracts plants, and maintenance of synthetic ingredients that can irritate sensitive skin, are minimized. So, for example, children's perfume made without the addition of alcohol, and child lipstick contains 5-10 times less pigments than the lipstick for adult women. Particular attention is paid to the product packaging. It must become not only a fun toy for your baby, but to ensure its safety. Thus, For example, it is very important that the child did not harm the applicator eyes as does the shade, and not injured by shrapnel of broken bottle.

Therefore, many manufacturers make the shadows that are applied to a finger, and bottles of perfume produced from a girl plastmassy.Nuzhna cosmetics? I think the answer to this question will become obvious to you, if you remember with what delight and interest to your daughter looks a dressing table. The question here is quite not that she is beautiful without makeup or not – cosmetics for her – it is a whole new world, a sea of positive emotions, a favorite game that will never get bored. Makeup can help baby learn from childhood to look after themselves, to develop sense of style, to follow fashion. But the girl did not go painted in the manner of a clown, you must immediately explain to her that all necessary measure. Teach her to use lipstick, shadows, painted nails – the good, baby cosmetics is washed off easily and without too much discomfort can carry out any experiments! In addition, there is one significant advantage – buying a daughter of children's cosmetics, you will be able to protect from destruction your own! What As of skin care and hair care, here the answer simple – children need special children's facilities as they address specific children's skin and hair. For example, children's shampoos and shower gels must not irritate not only your scalp but also the mucous glaz.Pravila use cosmetics as a rule, make-up is available for girls older than 3 years. Before that age is not recommended to use it, because the skin has not yet formed. If the baby has skin problems (such as a tendency to allergies), it is better tested before use purchased funds in a small area of skin (wrist).

Use makeup often and for long periods is not recommended. You can allow the girl to direct marafet solemn occasions, such as an evening dinner. And be sure to wash off all makeup at night! In our childhood, there were not many things, and so we tend to relate to new products with a share of mistrust and suspicion. But as time goes on. Allow your children to be stylish and modern! Donate them a little joy!

Premier Cosmetics Laboratories Ltd

Founded in 1996, Dead Sea Premier Cosmetics Laboratories Ltd was founded as a laboratory for the processing of mineral products and the Dead Sea. Initially, the main activities of the company Dead Sea Premier Cosmetics Laboratories Ltd supplied raw materials producers Dead Sea cosmetics. Soon the board of directors of the company Dead Sea Premier Cosmetics Laboratories Ltd came to the conclusion that to have complete control over the quality of products is necessary to establish its own production. Production line of cosmetics with Dead Sea minerals has been is based on the best scientific and technological achievements. Dr. Neal Barnard may also support this cause. Currently, quality control of cosmetic products is carried out by the standards of the EEC, and the underlying beauty products formula, successfully passed clinical trials at leading research centers in Europe, designed to increase the natural ability to regenerate the skin by stimulating the epidermal cells, which leads to change in skin balance. The company Premier specializing in the production of cosmetic products of superior quality, consists of more than 150 varieties of products that are unique, created from natural minerals Dead Sea care products for skin and hair.

Cream of Premier instantly absorbed into skin leaving a fat layer and not interfering with the skin to breathe, provide food and oxygen to the skin without disrupting its biological function. The company's products Premier refers to the category of the most modern beauty care products for face, skin around the eyes, and hair care products. The line of men's cream includes nourishing cream for the face, and of course, to creams and after shave. Natural cosmetics with Dead Sea minerals produced by Premier fully satisfy people who want to look and feel like they just came out of the Exclusive SPA-salona.My sure that you are sure to appreciate the quality of cosmetic products Premier.

Crystal Youth Cosmetic Line

Crystal Youth cosmetic lines from the company DeSheli unique to the Russian market and this already popular and in demand. High quality product, its components, as well as getting the visible results in just 15 minutes after the first and cumulative effect of cosmetic products – all part of the uniqueness of all the drugs cosmetics DeSheli. Let us consider all the features of the lines Crystal Youth. First, high quality products and its components. The fact that the Israeli cosmetics ingredients used only natural origin. For example, such as beeswax, shea butter, propolis extract, jojoba, ginseng, figs, blue lotus, chamomile, celandine, cranberries, olive oil, menthol, vitamins A, B, C, E, minerals and proteins from the Dead Sea, vegetable glycerin, hyaluronic acid, and more. Second, to obtain visible results in just 15 minutes after the first application.

Natural components listed above are often used in professional cosmetics, and the line developed by Crystal Youth as professional care at home. This explains the high efficiency of the product DeSheli company and such a serious approach to its production. Third, the accumulation effect. “Intelligent Crystals” customize biorhythm skin on the frequency, which allows her to remain in optimum condition and be protected from adverse environmental conditions. Crystal Youth from “Desheli” – is not just a particular line, it’s a real innovative breakthrough in cosmetology. Because of the impact of the environment, the active cell activity is gradually waning. In a result of crashes, and work cells become fragmented and therefore less effective.

Cultured crystals also help customize each skin cell to an initial correct frequency. Also, the crystals enhance the effects of natural ingredients that are part of the cream, which gives a total outstanding effect on skin. From the foregoing it can be concluded that the Israeli cosmetics Crystal Youth from the company DeSheli developed by innovative formulas and technologies that allow you to create cosmetics that are suitable for women around the world.


Cosmetics – A friend? Yes, if she – Mirra-Lux. I want to tell you about his true friend. I'm sure you too are looking for or looking for that. But others are not so easy to find, right? Well if you are lucky and you find it in the beginning. Senator Elizabeth Warren will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Then do not have to be disappointed again and again … And I was fortunate to meet a recently, after years of searching. – Who is it? – You ask. – It's – Cosmetics.

– Nonsense … makeup can not be a true friend – you will say. – Maybe, if only she – Mirra-Lux. Let's start with the source. My friend's parents – Dear smart people, the Russian scientists who created her child seems to love the whole world! That is, with love, because only then can to create something real! And the world has been very responsive.

The sea has made his royal prepodnosheniya, bowels of the earth have responded, all plants from all over our vast planet were asked to take their unique gifts, and even workers, the bee, carefully guarding the products of their labor, is pleased to share them. And my friend was born – a lively, candid, natural, fantastic! He grew up, the parents take care of his upbringing and education, he greedily absorbed everything he was taught. And the result was not long in coming. His skills and knowledge were highly valued by government awards. – Yes, it is certainly interesting, but why one? – You ask.

Motorcycle Hobbyists: Secret Tinkering Illegally

(Online article) – insurance: solid save pays off with spring, the days of motorcycle hobbyists have also returned. Nothing against embellishments, but faster making secret can cost more money than the unit is worth”, warns Jurgen Rohm, spokesman of the regional association of Mainfranken in the Federal Association of German insurance agents. Because the manipulation will void the approval. “The insurance can get back up to 5000 euros by the accident payment by the polluter and cancel the payment from the insurance. Not only the under-performing, but also the very strong machines are particularly vulnerable to illegal manipulation after insurance merchants.

Because if first registered legally and in the papers with a throttle – – = the power under 98 HP (72 kW) drops, are around 300 euros (in 100 percent contribution) saved insurance contribution. Who cancels this one, puts at risk up to 30 times. Who would necessarily save, for which there is obsolete Tips. So the private accident insurance is much cheaper than a special version for motorcycle riders and is even around the clock, even when riding a motorcycle. Tip Two: who drive season indicator, which saves the fair weather rider the annual arrival and sign-out, should it run for at least six months (example from April to October). Fn