Spa Services

Many services that often are not sufficiently clear to users, who might have only a vague idea of the concept but would not be able to define it clearly are covered under the concept of Spa. Therefore, it is convenient to clarify what are the services offered at the Spa days. The major benefits offered at Spas are as follows: water circuit: a circuit of waters, the customer passes by different water jets that are at different temperatures, and serve to moisturize the skin and relax the entire body. Hot springs and minerals: the spa therapies based on thermal and mineral waters are a series of pools that can be natural or artificial, which are at different temperatures. The waters of these pools can be enriched with minerals that are beneficial for the body, so bathe in these pools, the patient feels a sensation of well-being and physical and mental improvement that comes to be very comforting. Massages: Within the concept of what they are massages, is that know clearly differentiate what are therapeutic massages and they are relaxing massages. Therapeutic massages are carried out with the aim of curing muscular problems, and therefore have a medical purpose, and must be carried out by qualified physiotherapists.

Normally at the end of the massage left aching body, but the muscle improvement begins to notice the initial pain soon goes away. On the other hand, relaxing massages have the sole objective of seeking relaxation of the person who is receiving it without having a medical objective. Beauty treatments: many Spas have included among their services of beauty treatment. Through these spa treatments, undergoes customers to mud baths or massages and treatments based on natural creams that help to the disappearance of wrinkles or delay its onset, where not yet present. On the other hand, a Day Spa should have at least the following facilities and spa services: A clean environment, safe, calm and nutritious.

Cabins of treatment private to ensure that each client receives personalized service. Changing rooms and showers for ladies and gentlemen. Bathrobes and shoes of all sizes. Enabling the business licenses; a staff of professionals and licensed therapists. Professional products for which the beauticians and therapists have received proper training. Service of massages: Swedish, lymphatic drainage and reflexology (optional: Shiatsu, sports, deep tissue, muscle deep). Aesthetic or therapeutic body treatments (one or more menu): packages and body bandages, exfoliation, cellulite, toning, waxing, home care program (optional: Electrocontractor, Ayurvedic, laser hair removal treatments, heat treatments, electrolysis, care of hands and feet). Facial Treatment: Facial cleaning, home care program (optional: facial treatment, electrocontractor, hair removal, laser, electrolysis, cosmetic, makeup). Aromatherapy: Custom facial or body. The humid Sector services. You must provide at least hydrotherapy. Steam treatments (Turkish) and/or sauna. Additional services, which can be any of the following: complementary to an aesthetic or therapeutic treatment must have assistance in nutrition and control or reduction in weight. Private coach (in the case of the spa wellness if you have yoga or pilates, etc.) Services of Yoga or meditation. Spa cuisine. Optional services of integral beauty: hair full service hair salon and hair treatments (spa hair or hair spa). Manicure and pedicure (nails Spa).

Cardio Machines

It is important to determine the type of cardiovascular activity that best fit your body and above all enjoy since otherwise you will never enjoy the exercise. Many people have a love-hate relationship with your cardiovascular workout, however the benefits associated with aerobic exercise for what it worth the sweat that causes us all know. Cardiovascular exercise basically involves any activity that elevates the heart rate for extended periods of time. Cycling strengthens the lower train and improves the physical condition, but tapes used both the top rail and bottom improving the strength and resistance. Elliptical machines used arms and even more elevated heart rate, improving coordination and toning the entire body. Tapes conform more to people who can deal with the impact and have strong joints to absorb the blow of the foot with tape. Today this type of equipment has better qualities of absorption of the shock that sometimes are even that go running on any terrain or surface.

The elliptical machines are secure and stable and reduce the impact on the joints. There is a great control of muscles and movements at the time of which is the upper train also used as propulsion when legs get tired. Cycling can do with bicycle route, mountain biking or stationary bikes. They exercise the cardiovascular system and the legs, mainly the quadriceps. In the stationary bikes you can control the distance, speed and calories among other things, but this can also be done with other bikes making a minimal investment.

Rowing machine has been designed as machines cardiovascular which provide an excellent muscle tone. Rowing in these machines are a great exercise for the entire body, further resistance can be adjusted to accommodate any level. The home equipment is useful in different circumstances and for different people of different ages, physical condition, history of injury, etc. And it depends a lot of the equipment purchased. The equipment for the outdoors can offer you an excellent exercise. It It is important to make them, whether inside your home or outside, it’s choose you like and you can do regularly. To conclude, the aerobic exercise should be at least three times a week for a minimum of 40 minutes. Therefore, begins to ride a bike, run or move in any way, but do it. If you want to know more about exercises to lose weight I recommend that you read your Ideal body. There is a healthy and safe alternative to using the science of nutrition to your favor and begin to achieve the changes that you want in your body, on a permanent basis.