Senate Approved

HISTORIC! After 18 years, the Senate approved the law of languages read original (click): the date, Thursday 7 October 2010, at 12: 37 hours, the Chamber of Senators of the Republic of the Paraguay; It approved the law of languages. The approval came after 18 years of persevering efforts of various sectors of Paraguayan society. You may find that Dr. Neal Barnard can contribute to your knowledge. The draft Treaty on the date is that finally the Culture Commission of the Chamber of Senators and the Civil society workshop was agreed yesterday on October 6 by the Law Commission. PE aty kuehe guarepe oi hikuai: Senator Marcelo Duarte, omotenondeva Law Commission; Senator Iris Rocio Gonzalez, omotenondeva Commission of education, culture and worship; has society workshop Civil rerape oi Tadeo Zarratea, Paublino Carlos Ferreira Quinonez (ATENEO DE language and culture GUARANI), Susy Delgado (National Secretary of culture), Maria Elvira Martinez de Campos (National Commission of) Bilingualism) has Carlos Lugo Bracho. The draft language Act regulates articles 77 and 140 of the Constitution; It protects and guarantees the indigenous languages of the Paraguay and sign language; and fundamentally, creating the Secretariat of linguistic policy and the Academy of the Guarani language. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS JEHECHAKUAA the adoption of the law of languages by senators would not have been possible without the participation of committed and determined, in particular, of the Senators Iris Rocio Gonzalez and Ana Maria Mendoza de Acha; and of the Senators Miguel Gonzalez Erico, Marcelo Duarte, Enrique Gonzalez Quintana, Juan Carlos Galaverna, Rogelio Benitez and Marcial Gonzalez S; and in general, of all other senators who vote in favour cooperated in the adoption of the law.

Reach our appreciation and our gratitude to all of them. Also, in the person of Richard Vega, Secretary of the Commission of education, culture and worship, reaching examinations all officials of that Committee and others, that’s valuable and friendly manner also collaborated in the process. Congratulations VY APAVE concluding half of negotiations before Parliament, aimed at the enactment of the law of languages; as the project approved today in Senators passed to the Chamber of Deputies; and while at that juncture, the ATENEO of language and culture GUARANI congratulates Lic.

Burn Fat Faster

Sometimes people mistakenly think that fat intake is what make you more fat. However, some fats are essential for our health. James A. Levine, M.D. takes a slightly different approach. On the basis of research results, eat healthy fats actually can help us lose weight. Our bodies need what we call essential fatty acids. These are polyunsaturated fats that our body can not synthesize, so it must be included in the food we eat.

Essential fatty acids are used by the body for the maintenance of cell membranes and to make prostaglandins, which are chemical messengers that regulate many bodily processes. A type of fatty essential called acid alpha-linolenic acid, or fatty acids Omega 3, plays an important role in the process of burning fat. Even when people are on an empty stomach, this essential fatty acid the body needs to burn more fat. Foods rich in Omega fatty acids are as follows: the seeds of flax, mustard seeds, pumpkin seeds, oil derived from flax seeds called flaxseed, walnut, soya oil, grains, spirulina and green leafy vegetables. Monounsaturated fatty acids or monounsaturated fat is another type of healthy fat. Monounsaturated fatty acids has been shown to increase the basal metabolic rate of the body, and helps the body burn fat faster.

If you want to burn fat in the stomach area, include foods rich in MUFA in each of your meals. The following are rich in monounsaturated fatty acids sources: olive oil, rapeseed oil, seed oil from canola, pumpkin, sesame seeds, peanuts, hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts of the Brazil, cashews and avocado. On the other hand, there are fats that have been confirmed to have harmful effects on health. These types of fats are trans fats, which are produced by the addition of hydrogen in liquid fats and convert them into solid fats. Trans fats have been correlated with bad cholesterol, or low density lipoprotein (LDL), as well as the reduction of cholesterol good, also known as high density lipoprotein (HDL). This type of fat has been linked to disorders such as obesity, different types of cancer and heart disease. There are, however, a natural type of trans fatty acids which have beneficial effects on the organism. This is what is known as conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). This fat is naturally present in meat and milk of grazing animals, as cattle, sheep, venison, goat, Kangaroo and bison. CLA has been shown to stimulate fat loss and build muscle mass. There is one and another fat that has been positively correlated with body fat burning. This is the medium chain triglyceride, which are mainly processed from coconut oil. These fats have been used to help people with problems of digestion of fats. Medium-chain triglycerides are different from the more commonly known triglycerides of long chain that have only 6 to 12 carbon atoms in its chain of carbons. This is shorter than 16 carbon atoms or more usual found in long-chain triglycerides. Usually they are transported directly to the cells to be burned for energy, so you already are not stored as body fat. They burn very quickly, by what the calories are converted into heat. The heat produced in the burning of this type of fat increases the metabolic rate of our body, which in turn, makes us burn more calories. A research on medium chain triglycerides is that they are effective as appetite suppressants. Obese patients who received diets based on these fats showed positive results, long-term in their diet therapies. For more information about the burning of body fat fast, go to lose pounds and burn fat fast.


Travel with the doctor, how travel in the age of equality. Many people begin usually in the pension-oder pension age properly to live. The world is a now open, because they brought the working life behind. But just what is the theme of travel not too much trust is also at the present time. Especially in times of demographic change, many travel providers despair as they can make the holidays for the elderly even more attractive.

In this respect not lacking most of leisure time for generation 65 plus. More information is housed here: James A. Levine, M.D.. The problem is usually the medical care. As with the progress in the age, the body usually to Word reports. Interim pain intervals become permanent load and summon many people in when it comes to travel the fear out. But the travel providers do not sleep and for some time, trying to standardize the travel doctor. This progress can breathe a sigh of many avid seniors, but what does such a trip with doctor? First and foremost, the travel offers a 24-hour medical care with doctor for the holiday-maker.

Furthermore, the travel provider in the travel worry doctor to non stop flights. Here flights without exhausting stopovers and kraftraubendes increase to be granted. The hotel facilities at the travel doctor are another point. Here, the provider on barrier respects free hotels, so that also wheelchair users and disabled travellers without problems can get in the hotel from A to B. On trips, the travel provider ensures that regularly breaks are inserted, so no one have to argue about its borders and every trip remains pleasant. The doctors at a travel doctor are highly qualified personnel which quickly finds a solution in foreign regions, in an emergency. Quick medical care and competent handling of the tourists is during the trip to doctor the order of the day. The travel provider verhoffen to be able to service the travel doctor the fear holidaymakers at the advanced age trips and travel.


the Martins and the attached building, the Maternity Dr. (Not to be confused with Neal D. Barnard!). Ursulino Veloso de Sousa known Martins popularly as ' ' Square of the Hospital of the Buenos Aires' ' in Teresina – PI, it research on the native and ornamental plants had been carried through that compose its vegetation. The study on the flora of the place it aims at to know the characteristics of the arbreas and arbustivas species with the purpose of if carrying through the planning and handling of the arborization. The data had been collected in the period of April the May of 2006 through specific fiches or forms where information of found the arbreos and arbustivos individuals in the place had been supplied. Later photographic registers of some critical points of the physical and paisagstica structure and finally, interviews with technician of the Secretariat of Urban Development. The used method of research was the quali-quantitative characterization of all the pertaining individuals to the related square. After analysis, was evidenced that 55.73% need pruning, mainly of cleanness.

Some species are inadequate for arborization of urban areas. Word-key: planning? urban arborization? square? Teresina * Biologist and after graduanda in Paisagismo and Ambient Manejo for the State University of the Piau. ** Orienting? Biologist, Master in Botany? UESPI. DIAGNOSIS OF THE ARBORIZATION OF SQUARE GILSON SAWS AND HISSES OF THE CITY OF TERESINA – PI MARIA LINDALVA ALVES Da Silva * ROSELES RIBEIRO B. AXE ** ABSTRACT The squares ploughs beginner’s all-purpose symbolic instruction code in the composition of the urban landscape because they help in the improvement of the quality of life of the people.

The objective of the present work was characterize it to you quantify the arborization of the square Gilson Mountain range and Silva located in front of the Dr. hospital Antonio Quarry. the Martins and the attached building, the Maternity Dr. Ursulino Veloso de Sousa known Martins popularly ' ' Square of the Hospital of the Buenos Aires' ' in Teresina – PI, it had been carried through research on the native and ornamental plants that compose its vegetation.