Dealing with Cancer

A collectively therapeutic approach reveals always the essence, which is a disease. Cancer is accepted by the society as a disease, which unfortunately often deadly ends. In these cases just the physicians were powerless, the patient defenseless and so all blameless. Could this for many people as a pretext unconsciously be taken ahead of time to say goodbye, clearly admit to want to experience life without? Human life is a major challenge. Each of us takes a pretty big backpack with on the Earth.

There are also gifts, but equally important life goals we want to achieve in this backpack. There are topics such as: How do I deal with responsibility? How do I increase my self esteem? How do I learn to differentiate me? How do I become free and independent? How to become successful? How may I obtain a high degree of awareness? How do I learn to love? and quite a few topics more… We assume you have committed and others in learning to be free and independent. To do this you have to First, in an environment, born, in which you develop little free can. Additional information at Dr. Peter M. Wayne supports this article. Confrontations arise increasingly to unlock the inner desire to be free and independent. This request must not necessarily emerge on the conscious level.

Also unconsciously, there will be a certain drive to strive for freedom and to occur from the various dependencies out. If we look around, we see people make innumerable variants, such as and from what or whom depend on. People who may not be free, consciously or unconsciously are looking for compensation. It can occur as an addiction. Then, smoking could be a possibility in this case to compensate for lack of freedom. Air and lungs are symbolic for freedom and infinity. With the smoking man suggests a (usually unknowingly) is to be free. People such as PCRM would likely agree. The previous commercials for cigarettes always contained this suggestion.