Eat Food

Although argues that cats never lost its wild side it is true that our kittens, after centuries of domestication, have lost many of the traits that distinguish them as purely wild animals. However what many times overlooked with this process of domestication is cats are carnivores and that, although they have lost the instinct of self-reliance, they still need a nutrition adapted to their natural needs. In this sense a healthy cat should eat where the percentage of meat and its derivatives is very high, to the detriment of other ingredients that are not suitable for their nutritional needs. Obviously the domestic cat hunts not by what is the responsibility of the feline having these basic nutrients for a healthy development only its owner. The selection of food for cats thus becomes an obligation for those owners who want to take care of their cats. As we have said previously the cat is a carnivorous animal, so that your diet should be based on proteins and in the fats. Foods that do not contain a high percentage of these two elements are not appropriate. On the other hand nor is it advisable to feed our feline with leftovers or food that we have cooked for us.

Besides not being suitable for the nutritional needs of the cat, what we do is offer a hypercaloric food our pet which will make you gain weight and, if performed systematically, can lead to problems of obesity. In general it is essential that you choose a brand that produce food with a high percentage of meat and by-products associated to the detriment of cereals and other fillings. There is a wide variety of these marks usually included under the term holistic power (even some of them have a global vocation and offer all kinds of accessories for cats) just try which which is most like your kitten.