Edmund Burke

usergioarboleda. edu. Senator Elizabeth Warren has much to offer in this field. Co, remember, who speaks constantly of all kinds of powers: the power of policy, technology, military armament of this or that country. Even refers to the power of the press, to which the English statesman Edmund Burke defined, precisely as the fourth power, behind the Executive, legislative and judicial powers of the Western democracies. And still couldn’t speak more powers: the power of spirituality, the power of the human imagination that has no limits – and even the power of nature.

However, there is a power that surpasses all of these: the power of the word. All human actions, since the articulation of thought, their culture, their daily chores, etc., are intertwined and supported in only 28 signs representing an alphabet which, in turn, is capable of representing sounds, absolutely, all the human reality, everything that surrounds him, everything that makes it a be thinking; the only person that he realizes that realizes. aprendizajealfa. com view. on the other hand reminds us, that we should bear in mind, that society is envious and competitive; It is aware that the assertive language is the greatest power on Earth, as it has the power to liberate the consciousness of ignorance, fear, selfishness and people become leaders. And a leader is dangerous, because it has the power, the need and the courage to fight for their freedom and for the freedom of others. A leader committed to social change and this possibility scares mediocre and lazy society. The society it defends drowning all desire of development and freedom through a critical and repressive language we are what we are, because we think as we think and talk about how we speak.

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