Leader Profile

To own leadership capacity, being an innate characteristic or of able learning. Since there are people who do not count on all the values, but have capacities to perfect or to channel for the looked for aim. The charisma must be latent. The control gift is essential (firmness). The firmness is the capacity to obtain that the others follow people by own will following the culture and policy of the company. The firmness is flexible and dialogue like, without losing it causes. In order to exert the leadership it is necessary to count on high self-esteem and self-control. The leader must know as he is, where he is stopped, must have the ideas clear and to value his thoughts and action since they are the fruit of the best effort and dedication.

He must maintain his thoughts and carry out them, like changing of course in front of the changes with the same enthusiasm and confidence. He does not have to be impulsive. It is very important the global vision and force of will, I devise, decision making. The leader knows that always he has further on to all the actions. It knows that the equipment works and that later another plan comes. It is in its office but it is connected at world-wide level with its company.

It has relations with other companies to learn and to interchange. It has a strong will, emprendimiento notion, for which always it must be intellectually strong for the taking of new decisions. It must own reasoning, capacity to orient and initiative, to acquire credibility. Determination, persistence, responsibility are their central axis. It must have good interpersonal relations. The good relation between the equipment favors to the dialogue, the conflict resolution, it does not issue orders but suggestions or footpaths. Leader allows that the other is expressed, that makes proposals, promotes the creativity.He must develop the empathy. He must be communicative. He must also own reserve and tolerance with respect to the errors of his group. He must know how to delegate responsibilities. The leader knows that he is not omnipotent nor omnipresent. He must separate of some responsibilities to be effective. Also he recognizes that there are some people who know more of some aspects or matters, so that it takes better than the correct performance. It must handle the labor time correctly.