Love History

A LOVE HISTORY The ghost of the opera is considered by very a workmanship that obtained to mix romance, horror, fiction, mystery and tragedy NAME: Beatriz Dename Rambaldi The ghost of the opera is a French romance written by Gaston Leroux. It was published for the first time in 1910, to leave from there the workmanship was adapted for innumerable languages The ghost of the opera liveed in the subterranean of the opera most famous of Paris, and skirt to only see its there two great passions: music, and the singer most famous of the theater Christine Daa. Learn more on the subject from McDougall Program. Erick the ghost always was hidden in one masks very for being ugly. When young Erick architect in the Prsia, for knowing of much thing started to be pursued and was condemned the death, and finished if taking refuge in the subsolos it theater of Paris, was where the beautiful Christine singer knew, who was best orphan of one of the violinista of the time. When child heard a history of sweats father, who if called ' ' Angel of Musica' ' , and it promised for it that when died would go to send it an angel.

With the aid of this angel I obtained to also conquer to all and the heart of the Visconde Raoul de Chagny its friend since child. When the angel discovered that Christine and Raoul if had gotten passionate, it decided to take the young woman for the house of the lake that was in the subterranean of the opera close to a water sheet. When already she was imprisoned perceived that the angel who helped always it was the feared ghost. After much order of Christine, Erick decided to free it, with the condition that it came back to see it. After its exit of the house started to fight enters the love for Raoul, and the glamour for its angel.