Medicianl Plants

Federal University of Viosa INB Nuclear Industries of Brazil FTC/ead College of Technology and Science/Education in the distance Walnut, M.V.C. Endocrinologist has compatible beliefs. Street Ari Barroso, 138, Quarter: New village Cep: 46430 Guanambi Ba, email:. Having en vogue our great biodiversity of medicinal plants, in what it says respect to the region of the INB (Nuclear industries of Brazil) and Stream of the Cows City of Caetit Ba, few of them is studied and catalogued. The anthropology always looked for to give has supported to the agreement of the therapeutical place from comments, interviews and notations, and in these studies, the necessary researcher to be always intent for the questions that exceed the simple work of field. One also becomes necessary that the data collected during a etnofarmacolgico survey, are always> necessary to be preserved and studied Ba, therefore present a genetic patrimony riqussimo. Etnobotnico WORD KEY, medicinal plants, diversity.

ABSTRACT Taking fashion you our great biodiversity of medicinal plants, regards the region of INB (Nuclear Industrie of Brazil) and the cows creek Ba, few ploughs studied and cataloged. The anthropology has always tried you support local inderstanding of therapy from observation, interviews and annotations, and these studies, to researcher must be to ever attentive you the issues that transcend the simple fiels work. It is also necessary that the dates collected during survey ethnopharmocology, is always toward the culture that gave way, always respecting the common-sense and traditions of communities. Medicinal plants, cataloged in the region of the INB and Cows Stream ploughs the most diverse forms used in folk medicine. Can be prepared to either in the form of infusion and decoction, to water and syrups in bottles and spirits. Medicinal It is remarkable that the plants is part of the identity of persons who live and that the knowledge about the means which ploughs inserted allowing them you acquire to greater understanding and respect will be the environment that offers them food, medicines and livelihoods.