. Miracles and some of its concepts What really it means a Miracle, what in the truth are a miracle, why have as much mystery concerning this so significant word in our lives, why have an excess of zeal for itself to say that this or what occurred was really a miracle or not, are always many questions and very little answers regarding this current and very controversial fact. With certainty everything this serves not to banalizar the miracle in its essence, therefore a miracle is something fascinating that it happens every day, more is not thus so simple as it can seem, the Church Catholic, for example, it has all special care in if to reveal regarding a miraculous, first fact it studies the case with much calm, prudence, respect and after to hear doctors, scientists and several other specialists in the subject, is that it goes then to pronounce itself giving its to seem. All we know that he has some stories, of miracles and spectacular cures in other churches and religions not ' ' Apostlicas catholics Romanas' ' that they are spread by the world all. We know that every day, the medias, such as: Spoken, televisionada, writing etc., even tell with certain normality these events. We find that when occurs something of extraordinary with the agent, then we think or we attribute as being a divine workmanship, who was a miracle or similar thing, but the miracle is something well deeper of what let us can imagine, is a odd experience without equal of the presence of God in our life in our way, that who is very only prepared spiritual can really say or even though to disclose itself regarding this extraordinary instant, magical inenarrvel being only it, together with our Creative The holy ghost. For these reasons many scholars attribute as ' ' milagre' ' , to a cause without clear explanation, suspension of the natural laws operated by supernatural force, as it was some thing, or better, an admirable fact, a fact rare, that cause admiration, wonder, prodigy. .