Wine, the gift of the gods and the countless myths, misconceptions and legends whether vino, Vin, Viini, wine, WAYN or Vinum – the name of the noble grape juice sounds almost all over the world the same. Wine, the gift of the gods, is almost as old as humanity itself. Countless myths, misconceptions and legends surrounding the wine. The story about the art of making these wines dates back to 6000 BC. The wine growing began in ancient Persia. Wine has always been equated with culture, sense pleasure and enjoyment of life. Since ages ago, wine serves as a drug and welcome drink for contemplative hours and joyous celebrations. Songs are sung to him, and he is religiously revered for millennia.

The juice of the vine today is an important economic factor. Not only Spain, France and Italy are in the wine-growing. Who would have thought that China and the United States occupy two of the foremost places in the wine-growing. The new wines are always somewhat jarring. You need misconception # 1: to enjoy wine, Expertise! No, this concern will cherished wrongly. You must be no wine connoisseur or expert to enjoy a delicious drop. Enjoy the variety of wines, and soon you will find also your favorite varieties. No expertise includes, to do this you have to try just a lot.

Misconception # 2: on the vintage arrives there! A vintage says unfortunately nothing about the quality of a wine. Thousands of wines are produced in the course of a year; every wine tastes different. Misconception No. 3: older a wine is, the better it tastes! All offered wines can be enjoyed immediately. Additional storage is not necessary and also not useful. Only the very few wines taste better; a long storage time There are just 3-10% of all wines. At the latest after one or two years should a traditional”wine to be drunk.