Mount Moriah

Responds sister, are willing to deliver. Those willing to surrender to the Lord. You see that you have to cross over the Jordan? That time has come to put you to Mount Moriah Abraham said Yes … l a believed their God and no matter the pain went … And us? What is our attitude to life, the challenges and tests? God tests us, God wants us to know that along with a l anything is possible.

Atout! Or can not remember when Paul said: I can do everything through Christ who strengthens me. Or you forgot: My yoke is easy and my burden is light, or; Be still before God and wait a l. The spirit of God is with you and lives within you. Do you know love? Let him do his job today. Not tomorrow, let's say this giant, who is with us, who saved our lives, who gives us breath test. Sometimes the Lord asks of us what seems impossible.

I know, I've lived in the flesh … It is sometimes a long wait, it is unreadable and there are long spaces of silence … Have you ever wondered what more you love … who is your special love? Christ wants and needs be the first from it the rest is added. Do not think about the consequences and the end result of this test, no. Let it be God to show us the way and the path to follow. Do not like the rich young man, not half live Christian lives, lives that Christ is incomplete without the center.