Normative Instruction

This Victory also and of vocs. Dr. John Mcdougall may find this interesting as well. SUMMARY the production of organic residues has increased very in recent years, and one of the alternatives for its control and exploitation it is the compostagem process. In the present work it searched? if to evaluate the compostabilidade of the organic solid residues, as rinds of fruits, remaining portions of food, prunings of garden and etc. The compostagem process if developed in an ecological lixeira, constituted of three boxes, with capacity to treat about one liter garbage per day, in a family constituted of four people, using the vermicompostagem method. The monitoramento was carried through by four months with collection of data of three in three days observing temperature, humidity and oxygenation. You analyze them of nutrient macro and micron had proven the fertilizer potential of the produced composition, whose value, for some elements, is below of the limits demanded for Normative Instruction n 23 of the Ministries of Agriculture, Cattle and Supplying. Words key: Residues of Service of Health, Management, Public Health. 1 INTRODUCTION the subject Resduos Slidos (RS) has been currently object of concern in the modern society, being widely argued, over all in recent years, with the increase of the world-wide population ally to the forms of life characterized by the consumption of industrialized and dismissable products, leading to a preoccupying increase in the generation of these residues.

(HADDAD, 2006; REZENDE, 2006). The main cause of this increase and the constant industrial development that good of consumption of low useful life creates constantly are discarded after the consumption and are each see demanded by the current society more. The new boarding technique in the question of the generated garbage is that all urban garbage is defined as heterogeneous mass of solid residue, resultant of the activities human beings, who can recycled and be partially used, benefiting the health publishes and at the same time generating economies of energy and natural resources.