Very Strong Tree In The Crimea – Juniper

During the excavation of one of the towers of the medieval fortress of Sudak archaeologists discovered a stone dam strong overlap of the Crimean very strong wood. Age trunks before they log in and use of the tower, scientists have identified 700-800 years. This is an amazing representative of the family Cupressaceae – juniper. In Crimea, known for its 5 species (in the CIS countries – 21 in the world – 70). Russian botanist, S.

Stankov defined the originality of this relic plant: "… juniper tree, beautiful tall, strong trees which, with a characteristic ribbon-like-cracked brown-red bark and branches covered with a soft kiparisovidnoy needles, for the first time hit northerner, which welcomed hitherto junipers in the form of squat prickly bushes in the northern forests. " In Russia it was called Veres, red cedar, mozzhuhoy. The fruit and juniper needles have healing qualities, they are widely used in household and traditional medicine. His wood was equally successful in the construction and the manufacture of various household items and souvenirs.

Alas, all this must be referred to as irretrievably the departed time. Predatory cutting junipers, practiced earlier, caused irreparable damage to this noble plant. Today, only ten places in the Southern coast of Crimea, Balaclava from the west to the New World on east, there are individual, tiny grove of juniper trees. Now the juniper tree, or high – Mediterranean relic species living on the earth for more than 50 million years old – is in the Red Book. In Evpatoria average for the year 2413 hours of sunshine, and at Yalta, located 100 km south-east, – 2223, ie at least 190 hours. The reasons for this are different. One of them – the amount of direct solar radiation received in some parts of the Earth surface. Beaches Evpatoria open. Crimean plain as it rushes to bezbrezhe sea. Yalta is protected from the east, north and west of the main ridge, so the sun rises later and here comes earlier than in Evpatoria. In addition, a significant effect on the total number of hours of sunlight provides humidity, rainfall and long dry periods. In this regard, Evpatoria – the driest of seaside resorts of Crimea. Precipitation falls here at an average annual 380 mm, and the dry season lasts 255 days. At Yalta, the figures are respectively 560 mm and 225 days a year.

Diets and Nutrition

The first subgroup – breaks down and does not deposit in the body fat, the incoming with food. Preparations of the second subgroup – this fat burners. They break down the existing fat in the body. Such preparations often contain bromelain – an enzyme secreted from the South American guarana. Preparations for outdoor use. This group includes a variety of anti-cellulite gels and creams, patches, massagers and various termopreparaty to promote break down of fats (which should be applied to problem areas in while playing sports).

Nutritional – These drugs work to alleviate diets. They contain fiber, which swells in the stomach and some substances that reduce appetite. Strong effect from this category means we should not expect, but they should be consumed with great caution. After all, if you eat them without changing eating habits – you can not only lose weight but gain weight. It should be noted that one of the most popular categories – is a means to reduce appetite. Although in reality, they are recommended for people with really heavy weights.

In use it is believed that damage to the health of the extra pounds will be many times more damage the use of medicines. If you buy these products – be sure to read the instructions. Manufacturers are required to specify the dosage and the drug, as well as be responsible for their effectiveness and security. However, this is not a panacea. Even in a developed country like the U.S., with a very serious attitude to medicine and the availability of special organizations controlling release of such products in certain pharmaceutical Drugs were found hazardous constituents, which were not specified in the instructions. Many anorectics contain sibutramine. This substance, which since 2008 has been included in the list of potent drugs, and Holiday preparations based on it can be done only on prescription. Consultation with a dietitian will not interfere in any way.

Teenage Alcoholism

Statistics of teenage alcoholism According to statistics the majority of students in grades 6 already gained access to alcohol: not only the tried and bought their own alcohol-containing beverages a variety, as well as wine, beer and Champagne. Many children and adolescents enter into the alcohol by their parents and older relatives. With age, adolescents become more and more alcohol, and 11% of students in 8th grade are at risk for developing alcoholism. K 11 class 39% of students drink alcohol weekly, which leads to the development of adolescent alcoholism. The consequences of teenage alcohol abuse effects of regular alcohol use in adolescence significantly serious and dangerous than alcohol dependence in adulthood. The effects of alcohol at a time when there is growth and development of all vital systems and functions of man, leads to terrible results. Here are some of them: – high blood pressure, tachycardia, etc.) – the deterioration of bone tissue, in particular, the development of disorders of the spine – kidney and urinary tract (urethritis, cystitis, pyelonephritis) – early start sexual life leads to a weakening of sexual function, infertility and inability to bear and give birth to offspring – in emotional disorders.

Treatment of adolescent alcohol abuse treatment adolescent alcoholism carried out by traditional methods, including coding of alcoholism. But there are certain features of the treatment of alcohol dependence in porostkov. An important aspect in the treatment of adolescent alcoholism is timeliness of diagnosis, to avoid serious complications. Teenage alcoholism is difficult to treat, because at this age can not use many drugs. Treatment better iprovodit hospital under mandatory supervision of physicians (including therapists).


The reason that a large proportion of cases of chronic kidney disease (glomerulonephritis or pyelonephritis) correct diagnosis is made late, only when it is expressed in chronic renal insufficiency. A careful examination of the patient, repeatedly carried out test samples of urine sediment, and crops to identify the flora in the urine and its resistance to chemotherapeutic agents and antibiotics, and check the level of urea serum creatinine, serum electrolytes – sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium, phosphorus, if necessary – a more complex instrumental studies (X-ray, isotope and morphological), the precise clinical assessment and nature of kidney disease and their functional state – must precede treatment. Inadequate and incomplete research in kidney disease, late introduction of correct mode of treatment and can cause severe consequences of acute and chronic glomerulonephritis and pyelonephritis. Acute renal failure aetiology and pathogenesis. Acute renal failure shows a sudden sharp decrease in urine output of less than 300 ml.

The most common causes of kidney failure are: impaired blood flow to the kidneys (cardiovascular failure, massive hemorrhage, sepsis), toxic effects (heavy metals, drugs, etc.), a massive cytolysis (intravascular hemolysis by transfusion of blood gruppovonesovmestimoy, myoglobinuria with severe trauma, massive burns), severe violations of water-electrolyte balance, renal tubular damage, blockage of the urinary tract (nephrolithiasis, changes in the prostate gland neoplasms), etc. Often, acute renal failure occurs in the hard place of internal medicine – the so-called extrarenal azotemia and hepato-renal syndrome. In the initial stages of acute renal failure, especially in cases of violation of the dynamics and dizelektrolitemiey properly conducted intensive treatment can lead to complete recovery of renal function. The clinical picture. Oliguric phase can last from 2-3 to 20-30 days with a gradual increase in serum Blood levels of creatinine, calcium and hydrogen cations. Evolving clinical picture of uremia. The next phase – poliuricheskaya. Gradually increasing the amount of urine, which can reach 5-10 liters per day.

Methods Of Cosmetology In The Fight Against Ingrown Hairs

The concept is not limited to cosmetic beauty salons, beauty clinics, wealth care products for skin and body shops. Under this area of medicine involve the combination of scientific achievements and advanced technologies, discoveries, whose purpose is to maintain and preserve human health, image, and help in resettlement. Modern Beauty is not static, it evolves into several directions: the creation of personal hygiene, conservative policies to improve the skin, the development of products in the field of decorative cosmetics and development of methods of plastic surgery. Science is constantly trying to find solutions to the problems of aging skin. Today's beauty industry – a synthesis of the search of specialists, scientific achievements and efforts of man himself.

A common cosmetic defect – ingrown hairs associated with the incorrect removal of hair, usually in the home. Improper shaving, electrolysis, waxing is that hair is removed is not fully part of it remains under the skin, which in turn turn coarsens after epilation procedures, and this interferes with the normal growth of hair, and he begins to grow inside her bag. Foreign body, formed inside the hair follicle causes symptoms – redness, itching, inflammation. Self you only worsen the situation: as a result of squeezing, pulling suppuration may occur, pigmentation. Contact the professional who will advise the appropriate how safe hair removal and appoint co-treatment. Dermatologists today have effective methods to combat ingrown hairs – hair removal and bioepilation. Epilation is based on the action light waves, which destroys the hair follicle. With this method may remove the hair in almost all areas of the skin.

An important advantage is the absence of allergic reactions after process, its long-term, the skin is not injured. However, there are several contraindications to the use of photo-epilation: acute and chronic skin diseases, varicose disease at this venue procedures, infectious diseases, malignant neoplasms of the skin, and pregnancy. Thirty days before the procedure to eliminate all forms of hair removal than shaving. The most optimal length of hair during This cosmetic manipulation of 1 mm. Between courses hair removal advisable to carry out bioepilation – removal of unwanted hair with a mixture of wax and other additional substances in certain proportions. Experienced doctors, beauticians advise conduct these types of hair removal in the complex, relying on their safety and effectiveness.


Acne, acne – skin diseases, which periodically occur in adolescence and can continue for quite some time. Acne – an inflammatory disease of the skin caused by changes in the hair follicle and sebaceous glands. The causes of acne are quite varied, including distinguished: hormones, hyperactive sebaceous glands, accumulation of dead skin cells, bacteria, stress. As a result, the pores become clogged thickened product of the sebaceous glands, and there are bacteria, which leads acne. On the severity of acne is divided by the average light heavy form. Before treatment is mandatory Consult your doctor cosmetologist. The first thing you need to understand – in any case squeeze pimples yourself.

At the first appearance of acne, you have to diagnose and determine what has caused the disease. AND after a cause of inflammation of the sebaceous glands, and determine the type of acne, you can start treatment. There is a larger amount of drugs and methods to combat acne. Acne is a disease and it should be treated. Have Healthy clear skin is quite real. Online pharmacies and beauty salons have a large selection of acne.

Our site will help you to understand this diversity and make recommendations on the choice of medical masks pharmaceuticals cosmetics. In addition, here you will find methods of application of acne, as well as tips on how to clean your skin imperfections. The popular acne cure tips to help you with minimal cost to defeat the disease. In addition to medicines for acne there are several preventive measures that reduce the risk of acne, most often produces a change of personal linen pillow cases and towels, etc., in the morning and evening to do cleansing, not soap, and a special tool that is appropriate for your skin, do not squeeze pimples, because it provokes the emergence of new, be sure to wash off makeup before going to bed, exercise, do morning exercises, how to move more and visit the open air, daily drink about 2 liters of fluid. Useful articles on beauty and health, please visit our site.

Safe Weight Loss

If you open any website a little bit sootvetstvuyuschiytematike "feminine" and there you will find a couple of tips on how to lose weight, or a description of the diet, or someone's example clearly losing weight. That is, the theme of an eternal and gracious. Women tend to get a new shape in the shortest possible time, zabyvayao that not a single night scored so many extra pounds. If you choose a diet – a diet just as close kpolnotsennomu and balanced diet – they are the most acceptable and on the body, rather than mono-diet or various deletion a component of human nutrition – for example, even fats. This gentle and effective diet I can think of dietuMargarity Queen: 9 days, it "kills" 11.8 kg.

And while neither chuvstvagoloda. No dizziness. Nor depressed. No ammonia odor izorta like starving. And this feeling of lightness throughout the body. Not for nothing that diet chosen, and recommend one another of our stars of Russian show business, politicians and tv presenters. As we have already 'star' diet lose weight dramatically Queen Margaret Hope Babkin, Anita Choi, Nicholas Basque, a number of politicians. Scheme Diet can be found in the source.