Eating Habits

If you heard the phrase ” each person is a reflection than come” you will know that it is very important to have a sensible feeding since this one will, consequently, influence in our mind and our body and in our personality. We must to learn to combine our foods, so that we enjoy them, at the same time as we obtain a well-being that repels in all our life, physical as as much psychic. There are some suggestions here: 1. Fresh foods Consume fresh foods and of time or station. 2. Food preparation Consumes foods preparations, preferably in house, and an pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. The energy and the feeling whereupon you accompany the preparation and consumption of foods will repel in your organism. 3.

Balanced diet Balances your diet of the following way: 30% of whole grains, 15% of leguminous (like the kidney beans, chick-peas, lentils, etc.), 25% of cooked fresh vegetables, 10% of proteins, seeds and nuts, 10% of fruits and 10% of salads. 4. Chemical decontamination Once a month you do day of chemical decontamination consuming only fresh vegetable soup, fruit and/or juice of natural fruits. 5. Cycle of cleaning Between the 6 and the 10 in the morning, your body is in the cycle of cleaning; so he is better to consume foods than attend this process as they are it the fruits and the tea of grass; for very active people he is recommendable to consume hot integral cereal. 6. Digestive fire Your digestive fire is stronger between 10 and 14 hs., for that reason this it is the best moment for a complete and satisfactory food.

7. Digestive calm After the 19 hs. your digestive fire calms, reason why he is recommendable not to eat behind schedule. 8. To chew foods Chews your food with calm completely and; you do not swallow whole foods. 9. Fat fats Something in your diet is very important; especially to maintain the health of the nervous system and like stabilizer of the moods. 10. Fruits Consume fruits and single juices of fruit, without combining them with other foods. The fruit must be mature and sweet, never bitter. 11. Salads the small salads are good to accompany a complete food. It deals with not eating a great salad like unique food. 12. Nuts and seeds the nuts and the seeds must be consumed in small or moderate amounts; for example, a small handful as it has tea or like part of the food. 13. Drinks All the lukewarm drinks must be consumed to room temperature or. Never cold. It drinks much water; the tea of grass is good by its digestive and medicinal properties. You do not take much water with the meals, this debilitates the digestion. 14. Reheated foods Avoid the cooked foods the previous day. The cooked, frisados and reheated foods in the microwaves lose part of their nutrients. 15. To eat in restaurants Avoids restaurants more than you can. Generally, the used ingredients and the techniques of preparation of foods cause that the meals are more difficult to digest. 16. Excess of meals Avoids to eat in excess, to eat very fast and/or to eat the television in front of. Also, it tries to eat shortly before sleeping (your last food must at least be 3 hours before irte to the bed). A good food helps a to have good day, to maintain the mood and to rest well. We encouraged to you to most of put in practice the shared suggestions.


Permanent whistle, water humming, noise, loss of concentration and balance. These are only some of the symptoms that declare who suffer acfenos. Beyond the visit strictly speaking to the otorrinolaringlogo to realise the corresponding studies and to be able to find the treatment that better adapts the patient, the alternative medicines also present/display solutions for those who suffer this disease. One of that it has worked with more success is acupuncture. Acupuncture is a millenarian traditional medicine technique China, that tries to recover the health of the patient and to palliate the pains, through the insertion of needles in certain specific points of the body.

Acupuncture nonspeech of individual organs, thinks but them like part of a whole, and the ears are not the exception. Acupuncture for acfenos considers that the ears are the place of confluence of all the meridians and therefore, are related directly with other organs of the body like the heart, the liver, vesicle, the spleen and the kidneys. Acupuncture for acfenos also divides to the patients in two types. Those that present/display the chronic disease of a sudden and unexpected way, and cases. For first, having better capacities to restore forces and assets and control damage and shorter treatments. In the chronic cases, a wearing down of the organs is generated that causes that the treatment is longer and the recovery perspective will vary according to the degree of answer of each patient.

This way, acupuncture for acfenos uses the insertion of needles to improve the circulation of blood and the operation of the organs. These insertions are realised not only in the local points (around the ears) but also in the distales points: back, thorax, hands and feet. Acupuncture is a treatment that generates lightening in the ailments of those who suffer of acfenos. And also it can do it by you. There is a well-known method little but very effective that is guaranteed to cause that the acfenos disappear it stops always. If you want to read as I personally managed accidentally to eliminate the acfenos, you do Click Here.

Violet Scented

Viola odor ata L. s. L. – Violet scented Sam. Violaceae – Violet Perennial herb with thick branching stems and long (15-25 cm) above ground rooting shoots.

The leaves form a rosette , dlinnochereshkovye, orbicular-reniform or rounded to ovate with a heart-notch at the base. Flowers on long stalks, 2-10 (15) attached to the rootstock, rarely solitary. Petals dark to light purple or blue in base, colorless, rarely white. Fruit – a box with lots of seeds. Flowering in March – April. Distribution. Increases in light deciduous forests and among the bushes, mostly in the hollows or ravines.

Occurs on Europe (excluding the extreme north). Grow at the same locations, and related species: V. sua vis mb – with short and thick, underground and above-ground shoots, and V. alba Bess. – Mostly with white flowers and downy long villi stipules. Raw materials. Rhizomes and roots (Rhizoma et Radix Violae). Aboveground part (Herba Violae odoratae). Flowers (Flores Violae odoratae). Content. In the rhizomes and roots contain saponin, a bitter substance, about 0.04% essential oils with methyl ester of salicylic acid. In aboveground part contains: saponin, essential oil with violotozidom (methyl ester of salicylic acid), odoratin – a substance that lowers blood pressure. Violet scented, contains no alkaloids. In the flowers contains: 0.003% essential oils with methyl ester of salicylic acid, alpha-and beta-Iron, alpha-and beta-yonon (simple unsaturated ketones possessing aroma of violet), violorutin, cyanine (blue-colored dye), acid, mucus, and sugar. The main action. Expectorant, diuretic weakly. Experimental and clinical data. Based on clinical data, we can assume that the fragrant violet is widely used in the treatment of diseases respiratory system, thanks to its emollient effect on the mucous membrane and expectorant action, as well as the well-known antiseptic, and as a result of this and anti-inflammatory effect. Violet scented, except the above-described therapeutic effects, also has diuretic properties, and has, albeit weak, gipno-sedative effect. Externally it is used in the treatment of a number of dermatitis. When carrying out experimental Research fragrant violet to determine the effect on blood pressure found the presence of a small degree of hypotensive effect, bystroprohodyaschego character that is not of interest for practice. Empirical data. In folk medicine, fragrant violet is used to treat pertussis, as well as some heart diseases, followed by edematous states. Dosing. Two tablespoons of dry minced raw pour 400 ml hot water, stand for two hours, then strain and drink a glass of wine 4 times a day.

Detailed Analysis By Gas Chromatography

Gas chromatography is a widely used analytical method for determining the components of mixtures. It is used in the medical field, where food chemistry, biology, forensics and environmental analysis. The operation of gas chromatograph based on the fact that a small quantity of the substance to be tested is mixed with a carrier substance is. This carrier is referred to as “mobile phase”, for use in gas chromatography are inert gases (gases which are very lazy and it is difficult to chemical reactions) are involved with good flow properties. The most commonly used gas is nitrogen, but also hydrogen and helium can be used in gas chromatography as a carrier. This mixture is then fed through a tube that is designated as a column or analytical column. Depending on the application different columns are used, which vary in diameter and length. The column consists of either metal or lined with polyimide quartz, this material is considered as “stationary phase”known. The separation column is mounted in the GC oven, serves to temper the precise column. The temperature is either held constant or controlled increased to achieve a rapid separation of the substance to be analyzed into their various components. The working principle of gas chromatography based on the fact that every substance has a characteristic evaporation in the column. One of the separation column after switched detector records the agents who have left the substance to be tested already. The detector signal, which is also known as “peak”. Each peak corresponds to a particular substance, the recorded substances can then be assigned to known substances. The analysis of the peaks is now made mostly from a computer with appropriate software.

Secretary for Finance,

Secretary for Finance, Government of Mexico September 15, 2005, when Enrique Pe a Nieto was sworn in as governor of the State of Mexico, Luis Videgaray joined his cabinet as Secretary of Finance, Planning and Administration, a position he held for nearly four years. In his own words, the three pillars of his administration were “greater investment capacity to generate more resources, strong finances and management modernization. During his period in charge of the Ministry of Finance of the State Government of Mexico, important measures were implemented to fiscal discipline and public sector modernization. During his term cr rating was upgraded was obtained for the first time in the history of the institution investment grade. The state’s own revenues increased over 150 without raising taxes. This was possible by expanding the tax base and making the process more efficient tax collection.It also refinanced debt by 25 billion pesos to 25 years with a rate 30 lower. This transaction was recognized “Deal of the Year” by Latin Finance magazine. Similarly, developed one of the most comprehensive legal frameworks of the country on projects to provide services and executed the first state projects under this scheme in the country.

Cardiovascular Illnesses

They is esteem that in 2025 Brazil is the sixth country with the biggest number of world-wide aged population. However, this increase of the life expectancy can display the individuals the risk factors associates the chronic-degenerative illnesses, with morbidade index each bigger time. In accordance with Canado (1994), the hipertenso is considered bigger factor of risk for cardiovascular illnesses. These illnesses are between most incident in the aged ones, being this consequent fact of the aging and result of a sedentary style of life (HOOD & DINCHER, 1995). Security of the exercise in the third age Studies demonstrates clearly that the training with weight is capable to increase the mass and the muscular force of the aged ones.

Of general form, the studies suggest that the fall of the force and the muscular mass with the aging can be attenuated by the adequate training of musculao (VIEIRA, 1998). According to Vieira (1998), in if treating to lapsing of physical activity for aged, it must be gotten the cares and adequate accompaniments in integral way. The regular and systematic activity helps to increase and or to keep the physical aptitude of the aged population, improving functional well-being e, consequentemente, diminishes the tax of morbidade and mortality between this population. According to Marquez Son (1993), the practical one of physical activity promotes the improvement of the quality of life, delaying the aging, preventing the muscular atrophy, favoring mobility to articulate, preventing the ssea descalcificao, improving the cardiac contraction diminishing the possibility of infarto, prevents the obesidade, increases the respiratory capacity, diminishes the sanguine coagulation risk, improves the functioning of the kidneys, improves the social relations, collaborates for the psico-affective balance, thus contributing for the exercise of the citizenship. It is known that the systematic and regular physical activity is an important factor in the maintenance of the health, over all of the cardiovascular one.


Extreme consumption of stimulants (amphetamines, tricclicos, etc.) In the gestation? Daily pay? Severe Hipertenso Picture 3? Situations that simulate hipertensiva crisis? Ventricular insufficience left acute? Uremia of any etiology, particularly with volume overload? Ischemic enceflico vascular accident? Cerebral tumor? Craniano trauma? Epistaxes (after-ictal)? Illnesses of the colgeno particularly lpus, with cerebral vasculite? Encefalite? Ingestion of drugs (cocaine), fenilclidina? Acute intermittent Porfiria? Hipercalcemia? Acute anxiety with hyperventilation and syndrome of the panic Many times, the simple repetition of the measurements finds values gradually lesser, explained for the regression to the average and the syndrome of the apron branco18, 19. Initial history and the examination physicist must quickly differentiate urgency emergency. So soon either confirmed or suspected the emergency diagnosis, he has necessity of if making a cardiac monitoramento in the patient, as well as a way for venoso access. Hospital internment must be provided, of preference in unit of intensive cares and moderate the light adrenrgicas crises/? Syndrome of rebote (abrupt suspension and inhibitors 457 ivos, while the therapeutical one of attack is initiated. In the majority of the cases the treatment does not have to be delayed in the direction of if waiting the results of the laboratoriais examinations.

The data gotten in the history and the physical examination of the patient search to identify the causes that had precipitated the pressrica rise, evidences of injury of agency-target caused for the severe pressure or both. The doctor must get information on the former history of hipertenso how much to the duration, the severity and the level of control; extension of the damage of previous agency; medication prescribed for doctor or acquired directly in the balcony without medical prescription and eventual use of considered drugs illicit; related to the severe rise of the Par. Beyond the mensurao of the Par in the supina or seated positions and foot, to evidence the presence of postural hipotenso, the examination must be directed to evaluate the comprometimento of the main targets reached for the hipertenso as kidneys, brain and heart..

Diet Tips

The following are advice to lower of weight who have tried to give results if they are applied day to day. 1. To eat protein in each food, including in the breakfast. 2. To eliminate the wheat and products with flour, at the moment. And yes, that definitively includes the bread and it grazes.

3. To eat foods not process. The ninety percent than you eat you must be a combination (in this order of importance) of crude vegetables, whole vegetables to the steam, grains, thin proteins, and perhaps some fruits if it is necessary. 4. To reduce the starch to a portion to the day, and not it comma in dinner. The best options are the oats kidney beans, sweet potato and flour. 5. One does not exceed with the fruits: a maximum of one to the day, and only the low sugar, the rich variety in fiber.

Apples, pears, plums and beans, all are good options. So far, the fruit is due to eat single or with something light, like the fruits droughts of low fat. To lose the fruit juice completely. 6. To reduce or to eliminate milky ones, at the moment, especially cow milk. Exceptions: a reasonable amount of sugar, yogurt without fat. 7. To lose the drink. In spite of which " estudios" , they say, does not lose no benefit of health when leaving the alcohol (it came including). There are nothing essential in the alcohol that cannot be obtained in the fruits and no vegetables without all the bad indirect effect that go along with her. 8. It stops using vegetal oils like the sunflower, crtamo and maize. The type of oils that are in the supermarkets is highly refining, and it oxidizes easily when it is warmed up, contributing to the arterial plate. It uses the olive oil in its place, and apliquelo to foods after the food is cooked when it is possible. 9. To watch what types of fat are eating. The amount of fat that eats is probably less important that the type of fat that eats. The worse ones are the fried foods, margarine and foods that contain hydrogenated oils partially or hydrogenated. The best thing is the Omega-3, that is in the fish and the linseed oil. 10. To drink water Obsessively: To less 8 oz by each 20 pounds of the corporal weight that is taking his now around, every day. Every day. There are no excuses. It tries to follow these advice to lower of weight, while you become attached yourself more to them, more success you will have in your fight against the fat. A guaranteed form exists to burn corporal fat quickly. If you are in a desperation state to lose weight, the following message is most important that you could read. Beam Click Here right now. Original author and source of the article.

Serotonina Pain

Of each 10 patients with fibromialgia, 9 are women. The reason is not known because this happens. It does not seem to have a relation with hormones, therefore the fibromialgia in such a way affects the women before how much after the menopause. The age of appearance of the fibromialgia is generally between 30 and 60 years. However, cases in older people, children and adolescents exist.

Cure for the fibromilagia does not exist, however, with the current treatment the person is possible to try to be without pain or with pain to a very low level. The other symptoms as the fatigue, the alteration of sleep and the depression also can be treated adequately. More than what in other problems, the treatment of the fibromialgia depends very on the patient. The doctor must act more as a guide of what only a person who supplies remedies. It is very important that the person with fibromialgia understands that the regular physical activity will have that to be kept for the remaining portion of the life, for the risk of the fibromialgia to come back if this activity will be interrupted. In some cases physical activity if becomes only therapeutical the necessary one. The physical activity presents an analgesic effect; for stimulating the release of endorfinas, it functions as antidepressant; provides a sensation of global well-being and self-control. The treatment can be farmacolgico (tricclicos antidepressants, selective Chokes of recaptao of Serotonina and Benzodiazepnicos) or not farmacolgico (physical exercises, acupuntura, psychological support) or both.

The treatment has as objective the relief of pain, the improvement of the quality of sleep, the maintenance or reestablishment of the emotional balance, the improvement of the physical conditioning and the fatigue and the specific treatment of clutters associates. The doctor is the only one that he can affirm, with certainty, if what it is causing as much pain for its body is this syndrome. But to arrive at this conclusion it guide in the answers of questions as the ones that appear in the test to follow, elaborated by the reumatologista Evelyn Goldenberg, author of the book the Heart feels, the Body aches (Ed. Atheneu). Test: REFERENCES 1.PROVENZA, JR et al. Project Lines of direction. Brazilian society of reumatologia. Fibromialgia, 2004. Available in: . 2.PAIVA, Eduardo S. UFPR Federal University of the Paran. Fibromialgia. Questions and answers. So Paulo. Available in: 3.Fibromyalgia Network tratament & Research News. What Fibromyalgia Feels Like. Available in:


Of these, 800 a thousand, commit suicide. In Brazil a estimate is had that at least 13 million people presents picture that it indicates to the depression. Without a doubt they are given alarming and destarte, is had that to have a bigger concern of the government in relation to the subject. Not less important, it is the carried through diagnosis to mention itself to the psicopatologia. The majority of the health professionals, without counting the neighbors, professors, manicures, hairdressers, mechanics, priests, shepherds, nuns, salesmen of picol, bank clerks, our parents, believes to fully know to diagnosis to such of the illness. A banal act became, when a person is chorosa, to say that it has DEPRESSION.

I affirm this fact for already having heard of some professionals of health and other mentioned above instances, that do not have formation in mental health, dangerous pearls, nonsenses and errors. It is arrived the point, of the patient already to come to look for to me, with the diagnosis of someone (a) who although to work a particular clinic, rank of health or hospital, he is alhures to understand in fact the relations psychic. This psicopatologia still can be the fundamental deep problem of or symptom of another problem. It has that if observed if the possible patient it is not only sad. The concern must be had to verify the following aspects: Transfundos of psicopatolgicas experiences, constitutional Vulnerability, predisponent and precipitantes factors beyond the neurovegetativas, ideativas, cognitivas alterations, of autovalorao, volition and psicomotoras before giving names to the oxen. Without counting that the diagnosis and treatment, must always have the participation of a professional of the area of mental health. In the case of the general physicians, when possible, before the lapsing, the psychoanalysts or psychologists would have to direct the patients, for the work in set. One another point related to the diagnosis, is the fact to exist subtypes as: Episode or depressive, distimia, atypical, melancholic, psychotic, agitated, estupor depressive and organic phase.