The Work

So pack heat – and a vapor barrier is recommended for drywall, gipsovolokno, magnesite. At the same usable area inside the bath will be somewhat less, but heat loss is much reduced. External insulation of a bath – this is her first heat insulation of the facade. And it starts at the stage of building walls – between the logs wooden frame is placed mezhventsovy heater. This may be a conventional tow or more modern heaters on the basis of flax and jute. If the bath is constructed of lumber, insulation thickness mezhventsovogo should be from 0.5 to 1 cm, if a log – up to 1.5 cm Optimum time for thermal insulation of the facade – the height of summer, when there are no sharp fluctuations in temperature and humidity, and the walls are dry enough for future bath.

Before starting the work necessary to process the facade of protective agents against rot and ignition. If necessary, the gap between the rims of additional prokonopachivayut. As for the insulation of the facade, you can use mineral wool, polyurethane foam, polystyrene foam. When selecting a material for insulation should pay attention to his heat and corrosion resistance. It is advisable to check availability before buying a health certificate and a certificate of quality. Layer of insulation is fixed to the facade with anchors so that the underlying joint insulation overlaps the previous row near the top like a brick. The final stage of thermal insulation of the facade – brick or stone veneer.

In this first series brick (stone) masonry is located on the outer ledge of the foundation. To prevent condensation when temperature changes and humidity in the interior of the basement and under the eaves of the roof crate provides produhi – vents through which water vapor are ejected along with the flow of ventilation air. In another case between the lining and insulation free space is left up to 6 cm In order to make the right choice option insulation wooden baths, best to take help of professionals. Because the insulation – is one of the major components of construction, the quality of its implementation depends on how comfortable and cozy is your room. Warm bath to the outside, inside and vnutristenno. Vnutristennoe warming produced as building walls. Between the outer and inner wall fit insulation layer of mineral wool, expanded polystyrene or other insulating materials. Most of the work of the Inland warming bath is carried out before the interior decoration. Exception insulation of the floor and attic floor.

Greatest Heroes

Pilgrimage to holy land, beautiful places we travel, I previously imagined that it was a desert, dusty, nothing sexy and dangerous land, yet they showed me pictures, always had that so wrong idea, but when I went, I was completely amazed to see what they have done to make today look accurate Greens and huge crops of multiple varieties, it is beautiful to see the creativity of people as resources is invented when there areIs shocking also architecture, and things of so many thousands of years ago, it is almost unbelievable, but what is really amazing is the joy that is felt to be there, when we went to the wailing wall is easy to enter a true prayer, but when goes on night there and that beautiful place that God chose this nearly empty,! HAS! Holy God! that’s another thing, a supernatural anointing, it has to be because at that time there are no kaafirs, of all ways there is much tourist who goes there, but have no idea the great significance that has this beautiful temple of Jerusalem in the history of Christianity. Let us remember that the Lord Jesus Christ in Marcos 5:40, cast unbelievers, before making the miracle. Can we see these lands where Abraham, the father of faith, but he lived for was named there? Because Abraham no doubt with mistrust before he was worked in faith giving glory to God and the promises were for him and his seed after him, his descendants are the dead to the world and are born again in Christ. There is so much nowadays calling themselves Christians who is not Christianity, they are million kilometers by saying they believe in him, but the devil also believes in it, the life you live is really what shows that it is. Is not when to talk, what professes to be a Christian, if you say who believes the word of God and denies a single there is where evil so was Eva by a little word caused all the evil, pain much death, disease and distress exists, only have to return to the word of God without reason only believe the as it is written. Faiths or denominations are useless, because all have failed, there is only one thing, and the Holy Palabra of God, under the blood is the life of Dios if you It is Abraham’s seed is entitled to all the promises, it will have the same faith I call things that are not as though they were. It was an unconditional Covenant. Any disease or problem should go, it cannot affect the seed of Abraham because we believe in the all powerful God, in the history of humanity, and the history of Christianity, never has been known as mighty God, because there is no one bigger than the why I swear if same because there is no other higher than the. The only thing the requires is separation of the sin of uncleanness. And so you can claim any divine promise that God promises in his word. Original author and source of the article


Carboxitherapy is a technique that must be stated and applied by a doctor or specialist that initially proceed to evaluate the patient to check if there are any contraindications, before receiving treatment. Involves the application of microinjections of carbon dioxide of subcutaneously. Carbon dioxide is not toxic, since it is produced naturally by the body’s cells every day. It is a product of the metabolism that is transported in the blood. Carboxitherapy contraindications: Carboxitherapy is a tool widely used in the cosmetic area for rejuvenation of the skin, but its benefits are not the same in all patients, it is very important to study the condition of this to prevent possible side effects that become deterioration from the aesthetic point of view its improvement and health. The specialist should refuse to apply the procedure to patients with dermatitis or advanced cellulite, which suffer from immunosuppression or consume immunosuppressive drugs or diabetes (unsupervised). It would be highly risky to apply the Carboxytherapy to patients who face kidney failure, dialysis, chemotherapy and active neoplasms. Platelet disorders, hemophilia and coagulation disorders can cause problems with bleeding.

For this reason doctors do not apply the Carboxytherapy in patients who do not present these values within a normal range. The same happens in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, with retention of CO2, and sleep apnea that these conditions may worsen with the administration of carbon dioxide. Congenital and congestive heart disease and restrictive lung disease can affect circulation and oxygenation. Patients with rosacea facial could present an abnormal increase of local circulation and loss of fluid from the transdermal layer, since it is a procedure that is carried out through the skin. Patients who have reddened face and neck, could experience an increase in the levels of the vascularization. All these patients may worsen with the implementation of the Carboxytherapy in affected areas. It is important that specialist keep in mind not to worsen any pre-existing condition of the patient and on the contrary help to improve. Knowledge of contraindications for the treatment allows to avoid irreversible damage to the skin and the health of the patient who undergoes the Carboxytherapy.

Excess Protein

3 Abuse of supplements often believe that if supplements are good, the more ingest better. However, the supplements are only that, supplement the power and also vitamins, minerals or hormones that we acquire through them only work effectively in certain doses. Even if we exceed the recommendations we could cause severe damage to our body without realizing it. Therefore, our advice is to always consult a professional (specialist in food and health), since it is he who will tell you accurately if you really need supplementation and which will be the proper dosage to avoid falling into excesses. 4 Excess protein consumed in excess protein is not difficult, and often occurs when the athlete intends to increase muscle mass. But, while it is necessary to increase the protein, this must not be excessive because it could cause severe damage to kidney level, as well as involuntarily reduced intake of other healthy foods rich in carbohydrates, for example.

In addition, after certain limit, consuming protein won’t be useful to increase the strength or muscle mass. Therefore, to avoid falling into excesses nor does not result in loss of lean mass, try to consume between 10 and 15 per cent of the caloric value total daily in the form of proteins, being 70% of the same animal, i.e. coming from meat, dairy or eggs. We have listed some of the mistakes that we made without realizing, at the time of carrying a power and energy that is conducive to our sport. Sure that there are others who may be commented on possible post, therefore, we invite you to tell about those flaws that you see in your sport diet, so that together we can improve our daily diet. Without a doubt, the ideal diet is one that allows to cover all your nutritional needs, without excesses or deficiencies that disrupt your sports practice.

Quit Addictions

Smokers represent a large percentage of the international population, and although many people are fully informed about the dangers of this horrible Vice, continue smoking regardless of the terrible consequences that can bring them in the future. If you’re a smoker, you must realize about the consequences that the cigar brings to your health. This article provides the reasons why you should quit smoking tobacco. One of the main consequences of smoking is that it reduces your time of natural life. Many scientific studies reveal that people who light up cigarettes regularly removes at least 14 and a half years of his life. Pride is an excellent motivator for people to stop using tobacco, many people want to maintain their visual appeal intact, making sure that they have a youthful appearance. Unfortunately, smoking accelerates the natural process of aging, and people who smoke seem to really much larger in comparison with people who do not smoke cigarettes.

Cigarette smoking causes skin to develop wrinkles more fast, worsens the facial lines and skin is darker torma. Quit using tobacco is a great anti-aging method, and you will notice a huge improvement as soon as you leave your cigarettes. However, it is not only its physical aspect which could be affected by the use of tobacco. It was determined that tobacco users have an increased risk of baldness before age, as well as change your normal tone of white to gray. This will surely seem older than your actual age. The reasons for quitting smoking would not be complete without an overview of the possible medical conditions you are going to acquire if you continue smoking your cigarettes. Smoking is associated with some types of cancer, emphysema and other conditions medical.

Other types of cancer that can be achieved if not stops smoking tobacco is throat and kidney cancer. Some of the other bodies that will be affected by its nasty habit of tobacco are the head, neck, esophagus, stomach, liver, pancreas, bladder urinary tract, adrenal glands, gallbladder, bowel and breast. Apart from these, smoking increases the chances of suffering from AML or leukemia acute myeloid, cervical cancer, sinus squamous cell cancer and colorectal cancer. Basically, smoking makes it unlikely that you follow with more life than the 60-70 years of age. It is important to have a long and healthy life, also purchased much more possibilities make the most of it and do what you want, also you live more time for friends and family. Tobacco consumption is a very damaging Vice with many negative effects, including a life span shorter, a process more rapid aging and most likely to fight with heart and lung diseases. If you need fabulous reasons to quit smoking cigarettes, the statements in this article are more than enough! Do you want help to quit smoking? You can quit smoking in just 7 days regardless you smoke so much! Smoking cessation of once and for all without using gums gum, electronic apparatuses, groups of help, hypnosis or any other method that only leave your wallet empty. This method will release cigar forever.

Agricultural Village Thereza

After dedicating more certain time to the service of the medicine, also developing a research in relation to the cure of the leprosy, from the medicinal effect of New the thermal sources of Caldas in the interior of the Province of Gois, with its recognized work, and the considered results positive. After this Faivre moment decides to join its economies in function of the accomplishment of its project. Ahead I officiate of it carried through and for the approach of this illustrious man with the imperial family, condition that becomes it confidential friend of Empress Tereza Cristina, in who Faivre finds support, somebody that helps to give to consistency its pretension still more, front the possibility of the accomplishment of its projects. Such approach to the monarchs was a facilitador element, Faivre finally gains the concession of the imperial government to establish an agricultural colony in the interior of Brazil, also gains a financial aid of the Empress for the accomplishment of its enterprise. Joining all its economies, resulted from twenty years of Brazilian work in ground, more the aid that the empress granted to it, returns to its native land. In its Faivre thought, it imagined what it came to be the future colony, also leading I obtain an sketch of what it intended to construct.

As we can observe in the image to follow, it had planned to construct houses with two floors with well ample lots, surrounded, probably for the plantation of hortalias and fruitful trees. Croquis of the Agricultural Village Thereza, made originally for FAIVRE and filed in the national library of France. (FERNANDES, Joshua Corra, – Saga of the Hope, P. 178) When arriving Paris, finds the country taken for a great crisis, resulted of missed politics, favoring only the bourgeoisie, and the population with a revolt feeling being obliged to live with crumbs. In way to this reality, Faivre, starts to work in favor of its project.


QUARREL According to Sussmann (2000), the points are joined between itself through called lines meridian that lead for all organism the called energy qui, that it is responsible for the life and health of the organism. In accordance with Fisher (2003), the carriers of face paralysis present ipsolateral hiperacusia, reduction of the gustativa sensitivity of tero previous of the language, beyond paresia of the face musculatura, deaf pain in return of the jaw or behind the ear. To put the specific signals and symptoms depends on the affected anatomical region. The acupuntura is one well defined therapeutical technique in the treatment of face paralysis, but in recent years many researchers have questioned in which period the acupuntura must be carried through. While some emphasize that the therapy must start in the acute phase others certify that the therapy in the remission phase brings resulted more satisfactory (Read, 2007). As Wein (2006) exists some advantages in the application of the acupuntura in relation to another one method conservative as: innumerable possibilities of application; reduction of the medicine use; simplicity of the necessary instrumentation; security in the treatment; complementation of the gaps of the modern medicine and aid in the diagnosis. The acupuntura recently if has become object of scientific inquiry, over all in the treatment of pain, nauseas and vomits, neurological whitewashing of patient victim of cerebral vascular accident, syndrome of the tunnel of carpo, dismenorreia, fibromialgia, chronic headache, lateral epicondilite and lombalgia (Pearl & Schillinger, 1999). Research made in last the 20 years had brought scientific tests of its neurobiolgicos mechanisms, as well as of its clinical applications. Some methods of use of the Acupuntura exist, but its choice depends on the esepecificidade and individuality of each considered treatment. Being a reflected and regulating therapy, stimulating the systems of regulation and cure of the organism and producing reflected answers local sistmicas, inespecficas and general, controlled for superior centers of central control and the systems endcrino and imunolgico (Moya, 2005).

Martins Poet

How much to the visual aspect, nothing marcante of what the final verses of ' ' A&#039 subject; '. agreement to the weight of the immense sign pendulum p and n s what the blood moon espreme espraia tide of for gosma (Max Martins, Anti-Picture) In these verses one more time Max Martins will be used proportionate the visual resources for a peculiar and fragmentary space configuration of verses, making something well next to what they made the concrete poets, however, with a subtility whom its becomes technique lighter e, therefore, less mathematical and theoretical. In them the poet speaks to us of the poetical sign as that sign that is full, loaded of meaning, ' ' sign imenso' ' , and that at the same time it is the painful cross that it must load, therefore the pack of being poet is to have whenever ' ' to fight with palavras' ' ' ' desconfiar' ' of its meanings, work this that does not have hour: the poet already wakes up ' ' to the weight of the sign imenso' '. However, Max is not only limited to speak? in case that it were limited, would be making theory and not poetry? of the poetical word, since at the same time where teoriza, it constructs (it creates) its examples, and in the case in question, the greater, or at least most symbolic of these, are made with the word ' ' penso' ' , which for its proper grammatical configuration already is polissmica, and the author, cnscio of this, work to stand out such characteristic still more, in way that finishes for creating a sign whose ambiguity is impossible to be broken, and nor it must, therefore there deferred payment the wealth of the poetical word: ' ' penso' ' of ' ' A&#039 subject; ' verb is not adjective nor, but yes, the two.

Weight Loss

To avoid chewing-gum: when we chewed a chewing-gum we tend to swallow air, again producing air agglomeration in the belly that produces swelling. To decide on foods without sugar: the sugar is another cause of inflammation reason why it is recommended to moderate his ingestion. To diminish the sodium consumption: we must be taken care of of foods with high sodium content since to consume them in abundance they attempt against our objective to own a flat abdomen. Indeed therefore, we must watch the labels that detail the nutritional value so that we do not surpass sodium the maximum daily ingestion of 2300 mgs in the case of a healthy adult. To eat beans and those vegetables that produce gases with well-taken care of: when we are not accustomed its consumption is possible that they produce gases to us, the same happens to vegetables, the cabbages of Brucelas, the broccoli and cauliflower.

Although when reading this we can have the idea to eliminate them completely of our diet, would be an error since they are very nutritious. The ideal would be to eat them with moderation so that the organism is accustomed to them and we pruned to diminish the annoying gas production. To eat every 3 or 4 hours: the advantage that brings east habit is that we avoided attacks of hunger, calmed solely by means of abundant meals that take to abdominal swelling, sensation of slowness and general malaise. When realising this division we must contemplate the amount of calories so that they do not surpass our needs. 10) To eliminate the retained liquid: in some cases the abdominal inflammation is produced by the liquid retention.

It is very common that the organism retains liquid for its later use when the water ingestion or other drinks is deficient for the needs of the same. In order to prevent it he is recommendable to drink a greater amount of water during the day gradually until arriving at least at both liters of water, the serious ideal a liter by each 25 kg of weight. Very well, now you know keys important to maintain your abdomen flat, nevertheless, you will be able to know the secrets definitive to manage to thin belly as well as all your body from this same moment doing CLICK HERE. Original author and source of the article.


The hair flatter is a very useful device to arrange its hair. However, some cares exist to have to use it with the due security. Flatters exist that can reach for top of 230C, and therefore all the care is little. Tips to use its flatter of hair in security: – Not touch with the fingers in the internal part of the plates of the flatter, when this will be in functioning. The plates reach high temperatures, therefore it has care for not being burnt. – The flatter moved away from the water Keeps does not have to use it in wet hair or wet it does not put the device in any ladoCertifique that the surface puts where it is resistant the high temperatures. – Choice the temperature in accordance with its type of fine cabeloCabelos/frgeis_ the 120 normal 160CCabelos or pintados_ between 160 and 180 strong 180CCabelos and espessos_ 200CNo case not to have much experience at least advises the use of the temperature. It follows the tips and it obtains pretty hair and in security.