Parquet Boards

However, parquet boards may traded and non-treated (polished only), to acquire it is convenient only if the customer could not decide on the decorative properties of coatings in advance. After finishing coat not only makes the parquet half an attractive appearance, but also protects it from mechanical wear and prevents penetration of dirt into the wood. Impregnated parquet oil (a special composition of a mixture of natural oils and natural resins or beeswax) – quite a new direction. It has several advantages compared with lacquer finish. Because oil is much easier to penetrate into the pores, texture, wood is stronger, thus strongly emphasizes the beauty of natural wood. The disadvantage of the oil coating is the only thing that it requires more frequent maintenance than varnish – should be periodically (timing depends on the intensity of loads) make processing of sex oily compounds. But this lack of traditional oil coating left in the past, as today is designed so-called UV-oil, which should be updated only once a few years. Geometric dimensions of the floorboard of different manufacturers are different, and although they differ in a relatively small range, to combine products from different manufacturers, as a rule, impossible.

Parquet boards produce different thicknesses – from 7 to 25 mm. The top layer may also be of different thickness (from 2,2 to 6 mm), and than it is thicker, the more durable flooring will be given, however, as a rule, parquet board released a standardized thickness of 3.5 mm. For example, fine parquet board becomes indispensable when it is impossible to raise the floor height.