Pixlr Editor

And I was surprised to solve this topic instantly with internet and without installing any photo editing program. What I did was upload the picture to the internet, modify the photo (I had to resize and put a text) and save it in my USB and you’re done. All this I did it in minutes with the website, with which there is no need to register, we only went to the website and provides us with several basic options for quickly editing our image with features such as cut, resize, lighten, darken and an endless number of options and basic filters to edit our photos or images with the online photo editor to step. It even has the option of editing files in PSD format, which is the native format of Photoshop. Obviously Pixlr as an online photo editor does not have all the powerful features that can have a professional photographic design program, but if resolves immediate changes in images when we do not have on hand an editor installed on our computer.

Pixlr has 3 facilities for editing online photo: Pixlr Editor: visually very similar to Photoshop and say is the advanced version of this site. It has handling of layers or layers. Allows you to save the designs in their native format with extension PXD. Pixlr Express: with very specific and basic tools for fast and efficient editing of your photos or images. Pixlr Grabber: you have 2 options as online photo editor, one to be installed in our computer and another to be installed as a Firefox extension. Both options allow us to quickly edit any image, always using the Pixlr website as editor.

Other applications for editing photos online note before using Pixlr, but always found that I had to register me, sometimes with a delay in the application load or worse small image loading took even, too. And with provided me much editing of images in specific cases or emergency. It has also been helpful for my blogs and when you include pictures in social networks (facebook, hi5, twitter, etc.) where need to quickly share any image or photo with a personal touch. For who is this online photo editor recommended? Pixlr is recommended for internet users who need to upload images to their user profiles, blog, or for those wishing to quickly create photo galleries to share with their friends. This is an easy to use tool and responds very well to our needs for quick editing of images in our everyday activities. Some features of this tool are the following: the application loads in less than 2 seconds. Images are quickly loaded from the hard disk or USB. It incorporates elegant color palettes and transparency effects. It includes the flexibility to make basic adjustments in our images. It provides an API for developers or programmers, which allows them to include the application on different platforms. It includes options to apply filters or Visual effects to images. Interface or application multi language. More tips and photo editing tools (e) images online, you can also visit improve images and photos Online. Thank you for your time and I hope you have been helpful. For your success and prosperity in the Online business.