Decorating the apartment, house, we strive to make them for us maximum comfort and convenience. Select suitable to our taste and interior decor items. Any interior is complete without plants, cleverly chosen in accordance with style and tastes of the owner. Plants can liven up any interior, even austere, and even add coziness to the room. The 48 Laws Of Power is full of insight into the issues. Tall plants can stand upright on the floor near the sofa or chair.

Even higher with a suitable neighborhood massive, high furniture: chest of drawers, cabinets, racks, but they look good and in free space: for example, the balcony door or large window. The smaller the plant, the more important that it be placed at eye height: for example on a windowsill, on a table or shelf, that is where it looks like the winner. When choosing plants, we often focus on your preference, or the beauty and effectiveness of the plant. Rarely chosen plant in accordance with its requirements of care. If the plant is purchased simply because they liked it, and how to care for is unknown, it is most often the plant dies or is sick slowly than that spoils the appearance of decor of your home. Help to understand the conditions of care for plants, find out the causes of the disease will help our site FloralWorld.

On the site the most detailed information about the care, watering, maintenance of indoor plants. A directory plants, which constantly adds new plant species. For each kind of plant is a detailed review that includes a lot of interesting and relevant information. There is a forum where you can discuss conditions of care for the plant, and just nice to talk to.