Psychology And Quality Of Life

Why to make psycotherapy? Currently the world defies our balance. We need to have physical and psychological health to deal with a great variety of problems that modernity brings in them: Affective and social Stress in the work, problems in the school, problems. Nor always it is possible to deal with everything this alone. We lose our well-being when the weight of the problems is bigger of what we can support. Therefore the aid of a professional is so important. The Analytical Psycotherapy Comportamental a modality of Psycotherapy based on the Mannering Science, that has as estimated the fact of that the behavior is product of the relation between the individual and the environment. The work of the therapist, Analyst of the Behavior, is to discover with its customer the events of the environment that they determine and keeps a behavior problem. The Therapist understands that the customer is only, and its problems or difficulties are products of a particular history. This humaniza the therapy process, therefore inside understands each customer of its history of life. Scientific research severity in the collection of information, allied to the specific and proven techniques, makes of Mannering Therapy Analytical one of most efficient and with the benefits most lasting.