Quick Health Tips

Lent is so closer than to start spring with the project as what is. We start with the project sure you have even tulips and Primroses on the table. The first signs of spring are already there. It’s time to think about us. Awaken your body out of hibernation and stimulate your hormones start fit in the day.

Operate an active health and stress management. In the winter, we have us hung in warm sweaters, ate delicious oily things and often the nature of observed inside. It certainly won’t be long now and then can we from Peel us. Show back arms, legs and abdomen. So how about, if we can right now, spring start the project and therefore Easter fit and fun in the Sun start? What is to do? Because true beauty () from the inside comes, here are some small, practical tips with surprising effect: you can start the day with a glass of warm water. If you want to intensify the effect, you mix apple cider vinegar (organic tastes better) and water 1:1 the purifies and brings the intestine on Trapp. Our skin also has stress in winter. In the bathroom, we start with a dry brush massage for the whole body.

This removes the dead skin cells, opens clogged pores and brings the circulation going. For breakfast eat always some fruit. Who don’t want to peel who can choose also a fruit juice (caution: pay attention to food additives and sugar!). At lunch, we can toggle now easy on oily and hot and warm. By Kale on broccoli, from meat to fish. By the way, our body with a glass of fruit juice for dinner can better split the vitamins from the food. Our body needs a light diet, now but please do not make the mistake and get right on the salad. It’s still too cold and we need protein and carbohydrates at lunch, to trim our cells to spring. Our skin needs now as enough fuel such as our nerves and the brain. How about, to lunch for a little spin around the block? Fresh air in fill up to its fullest. If this is not possible, put a few minutes before the open window and breathe the air in deep trains and back off. This is pure energy, even when it rains! In the afternoon, indulge us an extra power. Fermented vegetable juice instead of cappuchino! There are now really tasty vegetable juices, believe me! No matter whether a woman with double or as a man at work, also don’t forget himself in the evening. A little ICH time is always in there. Maybe a little Wellnesseinheit, healthy one Detox tea or even just a few minutes all to yourself alone, to end the day. I guarantee you, with my project spring”can way detoxify and strengthen the nerves. Will improve your fitness and your winter shortness of breath will disappear. Yes, let’s invigorated, good-humored and irresistible in the spring start together! Marion Waje Heder anti-aging and health advice