Roasted Seeds and More

Seeds – a system memory image is perfect for anyone who can proudly call their Soviet homeland. When we see a roasted sunflower seeds, come to us especially warm thoughts. At the same moment before the eyes appears with your friends time spent in the yard or in the evening watching television with basin freshly-fried sunflower seeds. Whereas sunflower was long ago known in America for the Slavs seeds, as, indeed, the use of seeds, were discovered only 18 century. Have not tried this wonderful plant seeds only child grudnichok in our life for two centuries, a couple of centuries, this product is settled securely. In addition, roasted sunflower seeds may have different taste qualities, to the extent and method of roasting.

So the seeds are a rich field for culinary delights. Useful if seeds? Say, calcium roasted seeds as a cream, they contain up to 6 times more magnesium than rye bread. Popular product for expectant mothers makes roasted sunflower seeds is compulsory for a person of fatty acids, minerals and amino acids. But we should not forget that if you buy seeds on the street, in their shells be the set of all germs. Therefore, it is better to wash before eating, and then dried in an oven. Roasted seeds are very high in calories, so that those who think about the figure, it should not be forgotten. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City takes a slightly different approach. For all the time use of sunflower seeds appeared a stereotype, that the sale of seeds – the lot of pensioners. In our time in any store you can pick up seeds salted or not salted, in small or large package. In addition to the cultivation and sale corn, roasted sunflower seeds in bulk – one more item of income for rural residents.