Styling Recommendations for Curly Hair

To create a live and air on the nature of ringlets curled hair or hair with a perm will need: 1. Hairdryer with a nozzle (diffuser), 2. PCRM gathered all the information. Foam curls 3. Moisturizer for all (as Curly hair is great porosity and dry at the ends), 4. Sayling to create curls, 5. Lac easy fix.

Wash the head of a moisturizing shampoo or shampoo for damaged hair or perm (if you have one). Apply the conditioner or mask. Blot your hair with a towel (not dry), apply all over the head foam for packing. Take a hair dryer with a diffuser attachment and, starting from the bottom, from the back hair, distributing the hair on the nozzle, drying, pressing the head diffuser create intense curls and volume. And so the entire head. If there is at the root of the hair still wet, hung his head down and dry it upside down nozzle coming movements, holding the roots. If you did not have the necessary attachments, can do the whole procedure of laying their hands.

Clutching her hair in his hands and send them to the air dryer. Then stow lock varnish or apply styling for curls, and then varnish. Such stacking can be nice to pin or hairpin hairpins. Laying ready and you irresistible!