It haunt today me with as much easiness in searching Internet information, sees that contradiction, the more available the truths less of them we make use. I go to transcribe some reasons for which we must attempt against in the transistion of our habits. I found in the Internet, without very effort. ' ' the 1) tip is that such to make swimming, after all it also moves with diverse muscles and places of our body, 2) beyond leaving relaxed. 3) The water is a beneficial good for our body, therefore it is relaxante, favors the functions organic and not yet she possesss aggressive effect to our body.

4) Swimming reduces the risk of cardiovascular problems, the heart is stronger, you loses fat and gains more muscles, 5) the blood pumps for the entire body with much more easiness, 6) reduces the cardiac frequency, 7) stimulates the sanguineous circulation, 8) fortifies the joints, 9) the muscles increase of size, aid in the protection of the ligaments and tendes, 10) exercise all the joints, 11) potencializa flexibility, 12) alliviate pains that are caused by artrose, 13) improve the respiratory system, 14) go up the auto one esteem, 15) the person if it feels more independent and insurance, 16) the water allows the freedom of the movements, 17) reduces pain, 18) reduces the risk of injuries, 19) delays the effect of the aging, 20) facilitate the mental relaxation and etc. The indicated one is children to start to make physical swimming or exercises since small, therefore 21) assists in the growth of the child. It is also indicated that people of the third age practise swimming or hidroginstica. What it said soon there behind is that the illness if installs first in its mind, with masked unhealthy thoughts of daily wisdom that will go to lead to the physical illnesses. The danger of this is that we will always be ready to enroll an interminable series of reasons ' ' because we cannot fazer' ' , when the rational would be to accept the fact of that we are not knowing to think as it would have.