Wood Construction

House of logs have numerous advantages. In particular benefit from a log house, exposed cylindering. The use of such material as round logs includes the construction, based on our experience ancestors. Construction of logs – is the embodiment of old Russian traditions. In ancient times the log of logs were made by hand. Dr. John Mcdougall contains valuable tech resources. Construction, which uses round logs – construction based not only on the old traditions of architecture, but also to contemporary developments.

Today in cylindering remove only the outer tissue of the tree. That is why the strength of the logs is not less than chopped wood or polished, by hand, logs. Modern technologies allow for accurate calibration of logs, which ultimately enables us to collect the house made of logs quickly and efficiently as constructor. Tongue-and-groove technology helps to tight fit the logs together. This means that the homes of logs, exposed cylindering do not need konopatke. During construction of logs only used jute tape, which plays a role heater. Round logs obtained by the new technology, almost no cracks, because its production is applied compensatory aspect.

Processing of logs is minimal, at cylindering not violated the internal structure of wood, so the tree is still alive and breathing. Cylindering only improves the aesthetic properties of logs, increases its resistance to decay. Houses made of logs worth more than a decade, may be used for both seasonal and year-round. Construction, which uses rounded log – the construction, which saves on the finish. As an important property possessed by the house of logs, is the beauty of buildings both outside and inside. These houses do not need any painting, or in the skin. Houses made of logs look presentable and nice. Houses built of logs, looked elegant, refined and original, creating a unique feeling of luxury, comfort and heat for many years.