What Every Mother Should Know About Their Skin And Their Children

There is no doubt that human skin is undergoing constant change as time goes on. From newborns to seniors skin undergoes some major changes, and these must be taken into account so that moms can take simple steps that will contribute overall to have a healthier skin, smooth, supple and very good appearance and color , and avoid preventable diseases such as allergies, infections, excessive dryness, or some of the most common manifestations of overexposure to the sun such as burns, stains, premature aging, etc.. In the first month of life, the skin has the same structure as that of an adult, however, (here a text was removed), the skin is immature and is slowly undergoing complex changes. Hence they must be very careful in the type of products used to clean this, and the type of garments making direct contact with it. In general, doctors suggest that there is no exaggeration to contact with substances such as perfumes or strong scents that cause clothing irritation, such as pure wool, or simple garments that squeeze the groin and axillary folds of children. Similarly, it is desirable that the cleaning of this type of skin is made with plain soap, as these are strongly opposed to the normal acidity of the skin. To achieve adequate cleaning of the skin of children is best to use a pH 5.0 acid for example, and is designed for children, and that the compatibility of the components of a human skin is greater and so avoids the risk of irritation that can worsen.

On the other hand, use sunscreens since the child starts to have more prolonged contact with the sun, we suggest using a good sunscreen, this is after 6 months of age. However, if you have a child less than 6 months and go to the countryside, beach or snow, must be protected by choosing a sunscreen for children of at least SPF 50. This is very important, since it must ensure broad protection, and especially photo-stability, which is a basic condition for filing Ecuador Solar greater risk given their geographical location and altitude of the Sierra. Surely you at some time used its common sunscreen and burned or flushed as well. Endocrinologist spoke with conviction. The explanation for this is that old sunscreens were designed for small doses of sun, however, the doctor in Ecuador today, patients and general public have the most active modern sunscreens that combine highly stable under any dose of sunshine received. However, as a mom you should know that sunscreen should be a daily habit and permanent. In fact even on cloudy days we must protect the skin. The benefits of adequate sun protection are no longer under discussion.

Reduce the incidence of common diseases such as spots, premature aging is an edge of adequate sun protection, but reduce the risk of skin cancer is another basic goal of modern dermatology. In Ecuador, in the main hospitals of Dermatology and is not uncommon to diagnose skin cancer in young people (Previously not seen), and sometimes dramatic results. Then the whole family must be protected. Finally, from small we strive to maintain the skin hydrated and intact for our children, thus avoiding the dryness premature. Take care of your skin and your family, they will thank you tomorrow.