Medicine Translations

Thanks to medical interpreters and medical staff coming to the hospital patients can understand each other, overcoming the language barrier. Thus, employees of the translation agency medical center (MC) in Boston, the head of which is the Oscar Arocha, receive about two hundred orders for its services in the day. About for thousands of patients living in the New England Medical interpreters provide services free of charge. In the state hospital is forty-nine translators. Together, they work with almost two hundred thousand people who are not able to carry an English translation or an explanation on it.

The center's employees are working around the clock seven days a week, making translations into eighteen different languages. For example, if the MP gets the Portuguese, then health care providers have to accept it and understand, to diagnose and carry out the required activities. However, the Portuguese language interpreters may be involved with other patients, that hurts in this case? And just for such situations in the middle able to get a translation service by phone or else via videoconference. Telephone translation can be obtained by calling the prior number. At the other end of the wire over one minute to answer a translator. A related site: PCRM mentions similar findings. The system has two telephone interpreting a pair of headphones, and it provides patients and healthcare professionals to communicate simultaneously with the translator. The database of the medical center has contacts many specialists, so that if necessary, will be implemented by translation into any of the hundreds of languages 1.5.

Translation services are provided via videoconference addresses in Ohio. To be able to use this service at the center of a device similar to tv. Thus, patients and staff MC can not only talk to the interpreter, but to see it with the display. Arocha believes that the opportunity to choose the most convenient service for themselves, enhance the inflow of patients in the hospital. Like the typical translation agency capable of realizing and professional translation of the text, and quick competent interpretation, and Boston Medical Center has the ability to focus on customers, in this case – the patient. Five of the most popular languages in the Boston MC – is: Vietnamese, Portuguese, Cape verdinsky, Haitian, and, of course, Spanish. More often need translation for deaf patients or hearing impaired. These clients fit services to sign language, for which the hospital stay by trained specialists, or video services. According to goskonsultanta on transfers Nathalie Kelley transfers help to maintain social security. For example, if a patient, a Somali who speaks only his native language, go to the hospital, which lacks the ability to translate his complaint, then this the patient can easily put the wrong diagnosis, why the disease may begin to spread, endangering the health and even society as a whole. Kelly also believes that most of the services provided immigrated citizens are political in nature. A lot of Americans are finding that immigrants must learn English, otherwise, he is a threat to American society. And, basically, this tendency to regard only the English language. A great pity that in Ukraine hospitals are unable to provide its citizens such services, or at least a specialist in the state, which would carry transfers to certain foreign nationals.

Teles-oriented Dance

Let's try to figure out what it is and why we need it. Medical and family psychologist, Olga Mironova, in his article "All diseases of the nerves or what is psychosomatic" wrote: "'What do you hurt?" – Such a question ask not only physicians but also psychologists. For the usual headache, or heart pain may be hiding a conflict with any person, conflicting desires. The appearance of any symptoms suggests conflictual communication man with important people to him. Chronic illness is not the only enemy of man, but may bring some benefit, as a kind of 'ecological niche'. The simplest example of what children 3 – 6 years often start to ache when they are given to kindergarten? – It's their only opportunity to stay home and get the missing love and attention of parents. In a situation of chronically sick adult is flowing in a for 'child', unintentionally satisfy certain desires and needs, get what he could not get healthy.

In such cases, the disadvantage of a body can be certain link in the cycle of incorrect, distorted human interaction, family and society. Senator of Massachusetts understands that this is vital information. Thus, disease or symptom serves as a communication channel with other people. In recent years, psychologists and Doctors began to cooperate in the treatment of diseases that were once considered somatic (bodily). Psychological factors influence the occurrence of the following diseases: allergies, asthma, hypertension, heart disease, 12 duodenal ulcer, ulcerative colitis, neurodermatitis, psoriasis, nonspecific arthritis, and migraine, thyroid disease, diabetes and cancer. Studies in psychosomatics allow us to understand what external and internal psychological factors influence the emergence of a number of systemic diseases.

Ernest Hartmann

Our ancestors knew that not every place of settlement is favorable for housing. There were many places, and the choice was extensive. The settlers were guided by intuition, or called the monk, who pointed out where to build the church, where the house. Now we can say that mistakes in choosing a place of housing then it was not enough. Follow others, such as PCRM, and add to your knowledge base. Now the city is often building a house at any place, without analyzing whether the good tenants. Therefore, being built of the floodplain, landfills, covered ravines and careers. Build and over karst, over underground rivers, over geological heterogeneities.

Outside the city, it would seem, you can search a better place. But no, here's inconvenient or peat, that's a red line, so fire requirements, and home stand like soldiers on parade, and nobody cares what the people will be in them. About geopathic zones, causing people with prolonged exposure to these cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, cancer, leukemia and many other serious illnesses have heard, it seems, everything. Open the German scientist Gustav von Pohl of more than sixty years ago, the phenomenon – all of them cancer patients surveyed were sleeping in a place where the vine in the hands of lozohodtsa strongly deflected, subsequent studies have confirmed and extended. So, another great German – Ernest Hartmann found that the earth is covered with a network with a mesh size 2 x 2.5 m, at sites where increased intensity of the so-called telluric Earth radiation propagating vertically and does not absorb almost any material. The nodes of this network is in every house, every room. And if sleeping or workplace falls into such a place, almost every person conducting it 6-8 hours per day is doomed to poor health and disease. In areas with a damaged layer of the earth – over underground rivers, the quarries and in places like the intensity of the telluric radiation increases dramatically, resulting in increased danger zones, to merge them into the abnormal spot dangerous radiation of a few meters, and sometimes considerably more. If the usual place you can always find a safe place to sleep and work, in such – any place spot is not suitable for this purpose.

Ability Skills

Speech cortex: – formation of an active child’s speech, vocabulary new terms. 3. Thinking, memory, attention, concentration, visual and auditory perception. 4.

Coordination of large movements and the ability to control the body, improve motor skills. 5. Spatial orientation on a sheet of paper and in the surrounding area. 6. Formation skills training activities: – the ability to listen, understand and implement verbal set teacher – the ability to act properly, repeating the pattern shown. The implementation of these tasks with age-appropriate children promotes their intellectual development.

The basic directions of formation of tactile and fine motor skills in children with visual impairment. 1. Correction of touch. The skills of touch and fine motor skills are in different types of material and practical activities. Modeling. During the modeling clay, plasticine is particularly well developed fine motor skills, strengthens the muscles of the fingers, produced by subtle movements of hands and fingers, fixed tactile examination skills, particularly in the sculpting from life. Children who come to our preschool age (usually) three years, can not roll up the sausage, squeeze her palms to the desired force to get a flat. So you have to teach their own formative movement, and its qualities: strength, focus. At first, taking their hands in his, and together we sausages rolls, balls, squeezing them, making a flat shape. Then teaching to model simple objects (vegetables, fruits, mushrooms). In the third and fourth year of the same children learning under the guidance of tutors molded figurines of animals and people.

Learning a Foreign Language

Ways of learning foreign languages on their own, "Who does not know foreign languages, and has no idea about his" Goethe Any language exists in order to tell the other person about a particular event, to describe the beauty nature, to consult on methods of raising a child – in short, to discuss the reality. This article is intended: First, to those who are about to learn a foreign language, live in another country and not communicates constantly with supports that language. Secondly, the article is written only for those who really want to learn a foreign language. If you feel an irresistible urge to speak, say, English as a home – read on. If you wish it minutely – set aside in the direction of the article. Currently in stores and online you can find a wealth of material for the study of foreign languages. And man difficult to navigate in this sea of information.

But it seems that "receive" the highest quality foreign language can be just using the videos, especially when close to you do not have the support of the studied language. What we we mean by the phrase 'to learn a foreign language'? Knowledge of foreign language to perfection implies that during a conversation you do not stand out from the speakers of the language – no pronunciation or mimic or intonations. The concept of "mastery of the language" entails: a full understanding of spoken language, the correct construction of sentences and the natural tone of the conversation, of writing and speech.


Some of our typical exercises to be higher, swimming and cycling are shown by the medical investigators to force the body to produce a significant quantity of the hormone of human growth. The exercise of the hormone of induced growth (AIE) well is recognized physiologically, and is caused by the balance acid-bases, the catecholamines, the nitric oxide, and lactate. Of them, the main causes of the secretion of the hormone of human growth it seems to be the nitric oxide and of lactate. Its objective during the streching is to apply the resistance extends to the formation that will produce great amounts of the secretion of the hormone of human growth. The growth hormone increases of thickness of the cartilage, it increases the densidad bony, and they let you grow more stop.

This is the reason for which the importance of the intensity cannot be emphasized sufficient that needs to apply with all and each streching to grow more stop. This means that you must exert a minimum of 10 minutes with great intensity to increase its probabilities of higher growth. The intensity to construct must be sufficient for lactate in muscles to increase the stature. This lactate activates the secretion of the growth hormone, even after the exercise, during the periods of normal rest for more than 24 hours! Its body becomes a growth of the machine of manufacture of hormones literally to increase to the possibility of any increase of height Everything what you need is to carry out the exercises of correct streching and you will be able to grow more stop.

Eating Habits

If you heard the phrase ” each person is a reflection than come” you will know that it is very important to have a sensible feeding since this one will, consequently, influence in our mind and our body and in our personality. We must to learn to combine our foods, so that we enjoy them, at the same time as we obtain a well-being that repels in all our life, physical as as much psychic. There are some suggestions here: 1. Fresh foods Consume fresh foods and of time or station. 2. Food preparation Consumes foods preparations, preferably in house, and an pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. The energy and the feeling whereupon you accompany the preparation and consumption of foods will repel in your organism. 3.

Balanced diet Balances your diet of the following way: 30% of whole grains, 15% of leguminous (like the kidney beans, chick-peas, lentils, etc.), 25% of cooked fresh vegetables, 10% of proteins, seeds and nuts, 10% of fruits and 10% of salads. 4. Chemical decontamination Once a month you do day of chemical decontamination consuming only fresh vegetable soup, fruit and/or juice of natural fruits. 5. Cycle of cleaning Between the 6 and the 10 in the morning, your body is in the cycle of cleaning; so he is better to consume foods than attend this process as they are it the fruits and the tea of grass; for very active people he is recommendable to consume hot integral cereal. 6. Digestive fire Your digestive fire is stronger between 10 and 14 hs., for that reason this it is the best moment for a complete and satisfactory food.

7. Digestive calm After the 19 hs. your digestive fire calms, reason why he is recommendable not to eat behind schedule. 8. To chew foods Chews your food with calm completely and; you do not swallow whole foods. 9. Fat fats Something in your diet is very important; especially to maintain the health of the nervous system and like stabilizer of the moods. 10. Fruits Consume fruits and single juices of fruit, without combining them with other foods. The fruit must be mature and sweet, never bitter. 11. Salads the small salads are good to accompany a complete food. It deals with not eating a great salad like unique food. 12. Nuts and seeds the nuts and the seeds must be consumed in small or moderate amounts; for example, a small handful as it has tea or like part of the food. 13. Drinks All the lukewarm drinks must be consumed to room temperature or. Never cold. It drinks much water; the tea of grass is good by its digestive and medicinal properties. You do not take much water with the meals, this debilitates the digestion. 14. Reheated foods Avoid the cooked foods the previous day. The cooked, frisados and reheated foods in the microwaves lose part of their nutrients. 15. To eat in restaurants Avoids restaurants more than you can. Generally, the used ingredients and the techniques of preparation of foods cause that the meals are more difficult to digest. 16. Excess of meals Avoids to eat in excess, to eat very fast and/or to eat the television in front of. Also, it tries to eat shortly before sleeping (your last food must at least be 3 hours before irte to the bed). A good food helps a to have good day, to maintain the mood and to rest well. We encouraged to you to most of put in practice the shared suggestions.