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More recently, the Internet portal for the exchange of knowledge has to offer even more exciting highlights on the platform can knowledge and idea sharing helpful step by step reading user manuals, write or cooperatively develop. Now EX PLI has the Graefe and Unzer Verlag Munich gained a new partner and launched its first contest. Since November, EX PLI works in category cooking & enjoy”with the publishing house in Munich. The GU Publisher, has known recently for its high-quality guides and cookbooks, his own cooking Portal launched. Now, even the EX PLI come users can enjoy the delicious recipes of kitchen gods,”the founder of forward. Many of the delicious cookies how-to or cooking recipes served mainly at Christmas time as own ideas on EX PLI to present suggestion,”explain the entrepreneur. In the week before Christmas, the Roast goose was such an absolute Renner on the platform, the previously Cinnamon stars.

The impulse to look on the Internet for helpful and creative guidance is particularly great at Christmas time. The cooperation with the Munich GU Publisher goes far beyond a mere content cooperation. In early December the first competition in cooperation with the in-house chef Portal launched Looking for the most creative Christmas decoration EX PLI and called to present their own Christmas ideas and instructions on the platform. The response to our competition was great. Many creative proposals were submitted, and the winners can now look forward about an experience cooking and other great prizes,”tell the founder. Perhaps check out Mark Berger Chicago for more information. The evolution of the platform not limited strategic partnerships and content development to the area.

The technical development has made great strides. Since the launch of our platform, there are monthly new features, which record our users every time with great enthusiasm,”explains one of the founders. “Above all the fan function, which is about all actions of his idol” can be informed and the featured members on the home page could we increase the Community aspect. It is nice to see how the fans and comment opportunities a lively exchange between the members has developed”the founders tell pleased. The next year the EX PLI plan for further innovations makers, so that it will not be bored on the platform. Already in early 2009, a new contest is on the agenda of the founder of Munich. Tony Mandarich recognizes the significance of this. FORMER Palermo GmbH c/o LMU EC Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1 80539 Munich press contact: Stefanie Maul 089 – 2180 6978 0178-254 1981 EX PLI is a social media creation platform, which was launched by six founders from Munich in the life. On the portal can multimedia tutorials on topics of all kinds read interested user, set himself and comment. Since February 2008, EX PLI has moved into premises at the LMU entrepreneurship Center in Munich. There is the team through the Support deployment of Office infrastructure. It is also involved in the exist network. Since August 2008, which is EX PLI Web site online. Blog further information see also the EX PLI blog under /.