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The wound operatria must have the evaluation of the nurse for indication of alterations in the necessary cares. The baritricos patients frequently have chronic dermatitides in folds of the skin, the changes of humid clothes provide that the skin remains dries, thus reducing the incidence of irritation of the skin and appearance of fngicas eruptions. These patients also have greater risk to present formation of pressure ulcer, emphasizing that the cares of this nature are carried through by the staff of the nursing, that are considered the protagonists in the assistance in the postoperative one. Conclusions The Nursing as integrant part of the team to multidiscipline for the treatment of the baritrico patient, can contribute observing the alterations of the laboratoriais examinations, and evidences clinics of the state of health of the patient, that they aim at to the identification of precocious form of the alterations in the health of the baritrico. Being able this being argued together with the team, so that it has a good preparation of the patients at the moments that precede the surgery later and a success to this. SAGE has plenty of information regarding this issue. Surgeries Baritricas trace challenges, are overcoming sources and discovery, even so either remembered well that stops the surgical success and the recovery of the patient, the postoperative one needs to desvelar all well-taken care of of the nurse for the patient, in order to reduce complications. The nurse also is responsible for the prevention of the obesidade through lectures and programs of control of the Obesidade. The nursing professional, together with the team to multidiscipline, must emphasize that the surgery nor always is the elect therapy for all the obesidade cases, since can cause harmful risks to the patients, risk of death, beyond expenses you add with the Public Health, remembering that the nursing is compromised to the prevention of illness and promotion of the health. .

Illness And Health

It affects patients who would have benign evolution in elective surgeries, childbirths, ortopdicas immobilizations and clinical internments. The adjusted knowledge of its factors of risk, signals and symptoms is not exclusive of the vascular and angiologista surgeon, but yes imperious to all the specialties. All team must be intent to intervine, therefore most of the time, the TVP is assintomtica and its first clinical manifestation can be the TEP, for times fatal.

She is necessary holistic professionals capable to carry through a minute evaluation, therefore a collection is so important of data well multicriteria and refined, since the Prophylaxis adjusted for each case and the precocious institution of the therapeutical one diminishes its incidence and complications dramatical. Further details can be found at James A. Levine, M.D., an internet resource. The treatment of the TVP must exactly be instituted in all the patients with high degree of suspicion still without diagnosis for the examination. Thus, the use of elastic stockings daily e, especially, in trips of long distances, physical exercises, not to smoke and other measures is basic for the Prophylaxis of this illness. ke to discuss. .

Already Matsudo

Authors as Rauchbach (1990), Schwartz and col. (1993) and Marquez Son (1993) apud Nadai (1995), suggests four objectives general, that must be adapted the reality of each group: 1.Manuteno of physical and mental well-being: through the maintenance of on physical capacities to the health, of the coordination, balance, rhythm relaxation; 2.Reeducao and improves of the performance in the execution of the daily activities: through the motor abilities; 3.Desenvolvimento of the autoconfiana and self-knowledge; to 4.Proporcionar the social conviviality. You swim (1995) affirms despite, the lessons can be planned dividing them in three parts: Initial part: general heating (cardio-respiratory and to articulate) and exercises of flexibility, with duration of 15 the 20 minutes; Main part: emphasis in the motor ability, using individual games, tricks in group or, being able themselves to work with located muscular exercises, duration of 20 the 25 minutes; Final part: to provide to maximum well-being and relaxation, with rhythmic, expressive activities, dances and relaxation, preferential in pairs or groups, with duration of 10 the 15 minutes. Whenever possible, use of conventional materials must be made, as: rope, ball, arc, baton, etc. More info: Senator Elizabeth Warren. and of the alternative materials, as: periodical, plastic bottle, etc.; therefore these materials assist to a bigger motivation in the lessons. So that if they can get resulted satisfactory, the lessons must at least be carried through three times per week, and the flexibility exercises are recommended that they are carried through daily. In if treating to the intensity of the lesson, Weineck (1991) comments that it must be of 40 50% of the maximum cardiac frequency, with light and moderate activities. Already Matsudo (1993) affirms that the lessons must last 45 minutes at least and in the maximum 60 minutes. How much to the Marquez cares Son (1993) it affirms that if it must be intent for brusque movements, maximum efforts of shortness and long duration.

Illnesses Increases

The resistance the action of the leptina or its deficiency of leptina, increases the NPY concentration that increases the food consumption and can take the obesidade (ALVES, 2008). The resistance the leptina can be a typical characteristic of the obesidade, with the hypothesis of that this resistance is attributed to a deficiency in its system of transport in the hematoenceflica barrier (BAYNES, 2000). The grelina is another regulating hormone of the energy rocking, it increases the alimentary ingestion and diminishes the energy expense, produced mainly for the stomach. It is regulated through nutricionais factors and hormonais, its plasmtica concentration is increased during jejum and diminishes feeding after, however studies had shown that the plasmtica concentration of the grelina in obesos individuals does not diminish the feeding after, what could justify the increase of the alimentary consumption and this fact would involve the grelina with the fisiopatologia of the obesidade (EGUCHI et al., 2008). 3.5.5 Illnesses associates to the obesidade the obesidade increases the incidence of illnesses associates, the individuals with overweight or obesos, present great possibilities to develop diverse types of illnesses as: ortopdicas complications, psychological problems, pulmonary illnesses, of diabetic type 2 suffers of obesidade, this due this illness to be caused by a resistance the insulina and with the increase of the adiposas cells I number, it of insulina receivers diminishes (BORSATO et al., 2008). The hipertenso in the obesidade this associate to the increase of the cardiac debit, taxes cardiopath and volume to intravascular.

The levels of triglicerdeos and cholesterol in the blood also suffer increase and can take the coronary problems. The osteoartrite is consequence of the weight increase and can be developed on the joints, mainly ankles and knees (BORSATO et al., 2008). Obesidade and diabetes the distribution of corporal fat is an important factor to be observed inside of the context of the obesidade, therefore its complications do not depend only on> has weight excess (OLIVEIRA et al., 2010).

Mental Upheavals

In an indication final we approach which the possible ones resulted to be waited of the compilations made use in this study, making the comments most pertinent how much to the explored context. 2 JUSTIFICATION In accordance with the Health department (2004) the CAPS are destined institutions to receive the patients with mental upheavals, to stimulate its social and familiar integration, to support them in its initiatives of search of the autonomy, being offered to them medical and psychological attendance. Its main characteristic is to search to integrate them it a social environment and cultural concrete, assigned as its ' ' territrio' ' , the space of the city where if it develops the quotidiana life of familiar users and. The CAPS constitute the main strategy of the process of psychiatric reform. The same ones are established through a multiprofessional assistance, searching to offer to attendance of quality to the population, carrying through the clinical accompaniment and the social reinsero of the users for the access to the work, leisure, civil right of action and reinforcement of the familiar and communitarian bows. Amongst the innumerable conceptualizations given to the CAPS none reveals so pertinent how much the one that attributes the function to it of being a service of mental health created to be substitute to the internments in psychiatric hospitals and to favor the exercise of the citizenship and the social inclusion of the users and of its families. However, it is exactly this function substitute (of accompaniment and not of internment) that it is conferred to it that salutares has excited diverse questionings sufficient, one of which is focus of our study, and that it is mentioned to the investigation of as these units of health if have structuralized and of which the positive and negative points of its performance. The logistic conceptions of the CAPS must be always in evidence, are essential to know if the program of shelter offered for the same reveals efficient or unsatisfactory, also approaching which the pointers that can be determinative in this evaluation.

The Migration

Factors taiscomo the increase of the tax of patient day, the migration of deriving patients, deoutro hospital, the introduction of new disgnostic methods, the perfectioning dossistemas of notification, the change in the definition of cases, the appearance of novose effective treatments and the possibility of problems with the validity of the data devigilncia, for subnotificao, bias or duplicity of notifications can produzirresultados spurious or false. This will have to guide the degree and the extension dasrecomendaes of action directed toward the control of the infections, as well as anecessidade to carry through studies specific epidemiologists and to evaluate sistemade vigilncia.6.5 Spreading of the DadosA periodic spreading of the resultant information of the analysis and given interpretaodos collected and of the taken measures of control constitutes one of the etapascruciais of the monitoring.

Data that the analysis of data must be carried through in all osnveis of the system, the feedback of the system must also arrive the essesmesmos nveis.16O flow of the IH notifications, leave to the inverse one of the hierarchic pyramid, where the CCIH communicates to the instances biggest (municipal, state coordination), for the had steps and interventions. The state coordinations/distritalrepassam then the information to the federal coordination, that in turn will carry through aanlise and in case that necessary, the had intervention, respect to the given autonomy asdemais spheres, as it deals with Law 8080 the NATIONAL SUS.107 INDICATING OF INFECOA ANVISA comes producing, since 2008, manual that they approach diferentesquestes related to the main infectious syndromes related assistncia to the health, including its definitions, pointers, measures and estratgiasde preveno.9Foi chosen as priority, in this phase of implantation of the sistemanacional of notification of infection in establishments of assistance to the health, aomonitorizao of the pointer of primary infection of the sanguineous chain. This noexclui that later other pointers such as respiratory, tratourinrio treatment, surgical small farm and excessively can come to be monitored..

Smoking and Health

Having wrong when the patient has risk factor of smoking. Keywords: Myocardial Infarction, Tobacco, Influence. 1.INTRODUO the tobaccoism affects millions of individuals in the whole world, therefore if they become a problem each more evident time for the World-wide Organization of the Health, other world-wide entities that act in its prevention and its combat (HISS et al; 2008). The tobacco has been associated to an increase in mortality for aterosclertica coronary illness, what it was proven in diverse studies. This results of the association of some harmful effect of the tobaccoism on the mechanisms of aterognese and trombose (NOZAWA et al; 2003). The study of infarto acute of the myocardium (THEY WENT) it is basic for the high prevalence, mortality and morbidade of the illness. Studies epidemiologists disclose taxes of general mortality for 30% return, being that half of the deaths occurs in first the two hours and 14% die before receiving attendance medical. However, the patients who precociously receive services from emergency had been the ones that had more had benefit of the therapeutical advances of the last decades (PESARO and SERRANO, 2004).

The problematic one of research if of the one for the great appearance of infarto acute of the myocardium, and as the tobaccoism can influence in the illness. It presents as objective it influences to describe it of the tobaccoism predisposition to infarto acute of the myocardium. 2.REVISO OF LITERATURE 2,1 Carrie DEFINITION (2007) presents infarto as the reduction of the sanguineous flow of coronary arteries, resulting in isquemia and necrosis of the myocardium. Mortality is great if the treatment will be delayed, and almost half of the sudden deaths for infarto acute of the myocardium, occurs before hospitalization, for return of the first hour after the beginning of the symptoms. The prognostic improves with strong treatment, initiate immediately. According to Smeltzer and Bare (2005), infarto acute of the myocardium is caused by the sanguineous flow diminuido of a coronary artery due to rupture of aterosclertica plate and to subsequente occlusion of the artery for one trombo.


definitive breath agent anaesthetics and can provoke depression, in this way the nurse must be particularly intent to the slow breath and superficial, as well as the weak cough, it must evaluate the respiratory frequency, the rhythm, the depth of the ventilation, the respiratory symmetry of the movement of the torcica wall, sounds, and the color of the mucosae. The nurse also must you observing the circulation; control of the temperature; hidroeletrolticos balances; neurological functions; cutaneous integrity and the conditions of the wound; geniturinria function; gastrintestinal function and comfort (POTTER; PERRY, 2004). Potter strengthens; Perry (2004), that the nursing team must you applying the lapsing and diagnosis of nursing in the postoperative one, as eliminations traqueobrnquica inefficacious related to the restrained secretion, espasmo of aerial ways, alrgicas aerial ways, disfuno to neuromuscular. Risk of integrity of the harmed skin, related to the exposition the draining of the wound, hdrico state modified, modified sensitivity. Lapsings of nursing in the postoperative one, frequency of the monitorao of the vital signals and evaluations special, will verify the type of liquid IV and speed of infusion; to manage medicines after operatrios, I eliminate or food allowed for saw verbal; to execute activity level that if allows that the customer retakes; position that the customer must keep while she will be in the stream bed; hdrico rocking; to verify radiological examinations laboratorial and; to carry through orientaes special (POTTER; PERRY, 2004). It still focuses Potter; Perry (2004), that the complications after operatrias can be caused by the respiratory system as atelectasis; the hipxia; the pulmonary embolism; circulatrio system as hemorrhage; the hipovolmico shock; the tomboflebite; trombo; the piston. Gastrintestinal system, abdominal disteno; constipation; nausea and vomit.

Geniturinrio system, urinria retention. System to tegumentar, infection of the wound; dehiscence of the suture; eviscerao of the wound; surgical mumps. Nervous system, intratvel pain.

So Paulo

The decurrent complications of the obesidade are several, since diabetes, hipertenso infarto acute of the myocardium, amongst others. does not think that the inhibiting medicine use of appetite is the made right solution more. All the people who take remedies need medical lapsing and accompaniment of a doctor, therefore the inhibiting calls of appetite have made that nor always they are favorable. is clearly must have behavior change, also in the alimentary habits, therefore of the one not to take these medicines to the life all. Then it uses to advantage the tips to follow, it associates exercises, balanced diet and healthful habits, for who it knows to arrive at the summer in good optimum form and with more health and quality of life. It confers the 14 goals of the alimentary education, indicated for the Center of Reference in Nutrition of the College of Public Health of the University of So Paulo (USP). 1) It makes of 5 the 6 meals per day. 2) Fruits in the dessert and the snacks.

3) It eats vegetables and vegetables in the lunch and the supper. 4) The portion of meat must be of the size of the palm of the hand. 5) It changes the animal fat for vegetable and consummates with moderation. 6) It moderates in the sugars and candies. 7) It diminishes the rich salt and foods in sodium. 8) It consummates milk or derived in the recommended amount. 9) It consummates at least 1 portion of integral cereal. 10) It eats a portion of leguminosas per day.

11) It reduces the alcohol. It prevents the daily consumption. 12) It at least drinks 2 liters of water per day. 13) It makes every day at least 30 minutes of physical activity. 14) It appreciates its meal. It eats to devagar. still the five tips left for the endocrinologistas in the program welfare, shown in day 21/09/2011.

Control Etria

In the City of Salvador, in years 50 and 60 of the last century they were known focos of infection for the S. mansoni in areas of the urban perimeter (Levee of the Toror) and in lagoons located in more peripheral quarters (e.g., Placaford, Park of Pituau, Jaguaribe and adjacencies, among others) 6 natural. From year 2001, in the City of Salvador it was greater the advance of the process of municipalizao of the services of assistance to the health and for this time passed to be observed the increasing number of lapsing of oxamniquine or praziquantel on the part of doctors of some teams of the Program of Health of Famlia (PSF) of the Railroad Suburb. This index of cases in the quarter of Bartolomeu occurs for the socioeconmico degree of this population. The actions of control of esquistossomose come being adopted in systematic and including way since 1976, with specific medication availability, tolerated well, of easy administration and good esquistossomicida power (MS, 1977). Mainly based in the accomplishment of coproscpicos inquiries in the population of 7 the 14 years and selective chemotherapy (treatment of carriers in specific etria band) or in mass (treatment of carriers and familiar or, exactly, all the population), according to prevalence, the Special Program of Control of the Esquistossomose (Pece) the Northeast region had as area of with priority performance. The election of the pertaining to school etria band, must it the fact of that in this group the biggest prevalences and intensities of infection for the S are observed.

mansoni, in function of the biggest exposition to the hdricas collections contaminated by excrements (Barreto, 1987; Kloetzel, 1990). election of the pertaining to school etria band, must it the fact of that in this group the biggest prevalences and intensities of infection for the S are observed. mansoni, in function of the biggest exposition to the hdricas collections contaminated by excrements (Barreto, 1987; Kloetzel, 1990).