Today care is a very important factor that plays a key role in the life of each one of us. During the last decades this has changed somewhat with the invention of insurance, as this important but difficult task is greatly facilitated, since the creation of insurance such as disability contributes to improving the distribution of some of the scarce goods we have like money and time. Disability Insurance are specialist insurance to protect economically and physically to people when they enter a state of temporary disability that prevents them from working and therefore economic returns, this type of insurance specializes in providing the insured the opportunity of a life normal daily during the course of disability, it helps to address the economic needs during this time, not to mention that the insurance also helps to cover medical expenses if necessary, and in some cases it is possible that by this insurance entities insurers provide personalized attention insured, providing a nurse or caregiver who will remain aware of our needs at all times. It is proper to note that at present most companies provide this type of insurance to their workers in order that they have floor to address any need for a temporary illness or injury. It is worth mentioning that thanks to the boom that has had this type of insurance at present this may have several divisions, including the more prominent and important find some like: Insurance Short-term disability: These are safe by providing financial resources times ranging from 2-26 weeks, usually resources are determined by percentage of the salary of each person, these shares ranging from 40 to 65 percent of monthly income to be obtained prior to disability. Insurance for long-term disability: they are confident that provide financial resources for times ranging from 26 weeks to 2 years and sometimes up to three years, these resources economic base are provided with wage rates that would result if you were working, these rates usually range from 60 to 70 percent of base salary. Disability Insurance mixed: they are responsible for providing secure financial resources who are ill or temporarily disabled for periods of time in most cases indefinite, with a percentage of 65 percent of their monthly income, but is worth mentioning that this type of insurance can be somewhat expensive, as insurance rates collected above. It is very important to note that disability insurance should not be confused with disability insurance, disability claims because the people crippled for life and disability insurance claims only temporarily disabled persons. Given this demonstrated that disability insurance is an important option to consider at all times, as this could mean an economic problem solving in a difficult moment of our lives..