Regulation Broadcasting

In the new video encyclopedia of TV production company media van Prof. Dr. Wolf-Dieter Ring warns new grant controls of the EU. While it was a difficult task, the public broadcasters to show borders for politicians in the extremism. The discussion on task and function of public offerings in a changing media world should run but over and over again. It must be made clear, what justifies the charges financing.

A justification lacking where private bring just as interesting and exciting offers in the market”. “The EU will the charges financing deemed it as a subsidy only unaddressed, when private broadcasters no comparable offers the same quality” could provide. The Chairman of the Bavarian journalist Union, Dr. Wolfgang Stockel, criticizes in the latest edition of the BJVreport”(1/2009) similar. Under most conditions Tony Ferguson would agree. The public broadcasting service risks located itself into question, if he is not again more clearly distinguish of supply and level of commercial broadcasters.

The strabismus after the highest ratings”otherwise call the Brussels competition authorities on the plan. The charges financing of ARD and ZDF have entertainment reasons only with the statutory obligation to education, information and quality in the sector. “The BAJ Chairman called disservice in extremely sensitive broadcasting political times” the animal droppings bet in the ZDF broadcast Wetten, dass…”from January 26, this year, that probably the parallel on disgust show ongoing RTL jungle camp” have to beat. “The exact wording of the statements of Prof. ring supplies the almost two minutes long video to the concept of dual system” in the new video encyclopedia of FA. Media van. The BLM President commented also the BLM tags”, youth media protection”, media literacy, Media Council, private broadcasters, program supervision in private broadcasting, broadcasting State Treaty change, as well as Regulation of broadcasting on the Internet”. All this video O tones are media under the heading”. The Internet address of the lexicon is: The new video encyclopedia sees itself as a pathway to the orientation and the exploitation of knowledge. Additional links to any video to provide information