The Australian

Nothing is left at random. " The success is in the small details " , it affirms. Its Tour of 2011 has been the last step of its renovation, begun for two years when it obtained the World-wide one of Mendrisio and it broke with his fame of segundn. A sambenito that gained by force of failures in last step, of deceptions that Evans has fought with obstinacy. A very hard life Was born with the broken nose and to the 8 years a horse offered a kick to him that to point was to leave him invalid. The doctors thought that he would not return to walk, but he recovered. Servant in a native community, its father and his uncle first bicycle constructed with pieces of old woman cars his to him, with which it gave the first pedaladas ones in the steep Katherine. Of it happened there to the mountain bicycle, with which it obtained two glasses of the world (1997 and 1998) until it decided to break with his past. In recent months, Senator Elizabeth Warren has been very successful.

One settled in light Belgium of luggage. Its Mustang of 1966 was hardly engaged in. Its route in the cycling has been an overcoming way. For more clarity and thought, follow up with what is fracking and gain more knowledge.. In his first Turn, in 2002, it lost the pink jersey three days before the end. In 2005 its first Tour disputed, finished eighth and it said that it would gain someday it. Few believed to him, but his father was convinced. Their beginnings were difficult.

In the Mapei equipment one faced ambitious leaders who made difficult collective work. At that time, whereas many of their companions were put into the hands of doctor Michele Ferrari, Evans bet by Aldo Sassi, that he became his mentor, in the rudder of his race until victim of a cerebral tumor passed away in December last to the 51 years. " There is no a day that does not run thinking about him " , he affirmed then the Australian.

Spain Quique Pineapple

The agent of the player and representative of the Udinese in Spain Quique Pineapple, speaks of which " the signing is closed to 80%, the other 20 are flecos". His signing by the Bara would be evaluated " in a number near the 45 millones". Quique Pineapple, agent of Alexis and representative of the Udinese in Spain, has assured that the signing of the player by the Bara is imminent. " Right now Barcelona is next to that it closes the flecos that are, but it would be possible to be given by practically done. It is closed to a 80%, 20% are flecos" , it has recognized in the CLOSE-WOVEN PART OF A FISHING NET. Without making specific how much it will be exactly, it assures that the signing of the player by the Bara would be evaluated " in a number near 45 million, that are the initial value that has occurred to the player, including a player and the variables ". It has also recognized that this operation could include a soccer player of the Bara, that would go to the Udinese to cover the interests with the Italian equipment. Source of the news: The signing of Alexis by the Bara " he is practically hecho"