Anaerobic Energy Supply

We'll see with time position of each source of anaerobic energy supply. Glycolytic source of the missing 25 seconds. 5-6 min. intense in this mode, much less kreatinfosfatnogo up to 25 seconds. And then what? Then your speed drops, it is necessary to stop or reduce the rate of running heavily, in order to fast oxygen-free energy sources could recover (resintezirovatsya) and can be the next breakthrough. How quickly will this happen? Very wide variations. Now sum up all that we have.

We have approximate figures on energy modes organism in the changing physical activity (running smooth with acceleration). Senator of Massachusetts has compatible beliefs. If you're a professional, the ownership of these data will allow you to build your training program based on those qualities that you want to develop (no data for the development of muscle strength, coordination, some special qualities, but for the progression of race preparation of the data is sufficient). For example – if you want improve their overall endurance, you have to choose long-term work for 1-2 hours of training at a low pulse (about 140 beats / min), if you want a portable hard to elect a fast run, you must train series races at shorter distances (eg 400 m, you should run over 5-6 times the rate of 80% of maximum), and periods of rest between series are fairly short (1-2 minutes). Why is this race carries a fairly heavy? Work proceeds with the formation of lactic acid (lactate), which at a certain interval causes your fatigue and even rejection of the work (with high numbers of lactate accumulation). And finally, if you work on improving their power-speed (sprint qualities), it must be run for short distances 60-100-200 m at maximum speed, and large portions of the rest (3-5 min.otdyha that depends on the quality and speed your recovery).

A series of the same 06.05 laps, speed and maximum probeganiya segments should not fall significantly (more than 5% difference). Slow down probeganiya segments indicates the onset of neuromuscular fatigue and (or) incomplete recovery quick energy source phosphocreatine (CP). Such a simple scheme of the training process. This is the foundation, the skeleton of the entire training preparation. But, as you have noticed, in special literature provides considerable spread of indicators that must be controlled for quality training. Above all, you will not find information about the options for energy supply, which present at practice sports. The basis of the quality of the training process – Knowledge of the constitution of muscle tissue, characteristic of a particular athlete, and features of its energy supply. Article number 2 will give you the answers on many issues, which is silent literature on the training process. You clearly see those cases that met me in my work with athletes high sports. Sergei Pet