Gastronomy In Madrid

After four years of life, it is now when the Piera restaurant has gotten really to be a restaurant of reference for the Madrilenian critic. It would be possible to be said that is one of the restaurants fashionable in the capital. maintains its splendid direction of room under the baton of Jorge Davila (rare avis in a world of the gastronomy dominated by cooks) and a granted cooking advising on a daily basis by ex- chef of Zalacan, the historical Urdiain Youngest child, but the kitchen has been undergoing some changes after the new incorporation, for only months, of the young person Javier Aranda of hardly 24 years. Not I arrived to know old stage, but impression gives that present, even though still of some slippings, goes in good way, if it considers of the difficulties that tolerates for chef so young, to take to an open restaurant every day and with an important volume of customer. But in Piera, more than in any other establishment, it is necessary to make a valuation general of the experience gastronomical.

and of their second on board Oscar Marks, that the position of sommelier by the absence of its Mario holder Garci’a occupied the night of our visit, makes of Piera a suitable place for the lovers of the exquisite service of room, so appreciated in Madrid. Perhaps with a small difference with respect to other sites. The elegant attention does not go accompanied of the habitual excess of reverences and pleitesa, sometimes exaggerated in this type of establishment. If I understand the words well of Jorge Davila, with Piera has chosen to do one House of High Food of Market (relatively moderate prices including), more than a great restaurant of High Gastronomy from Madrid to the use. Javier Aranda, native cook of a town of Toledo, finishes receiving in MadridFusin a special mention like second described in the contest of the Cook Revelation. One moves by the furnaces from his adolescence. Evidently he could not escape of his passage by Adolph, the emblematic restaurant of luxury in Toledo or the neighboring Hut, but he journeyed also by Ars Vivendi, Martin and Sant Celoni. An explicit menu does not exist in this house tasting but it is accepted without problem to serve to averages A rations a customer asks for who it, like for example for the professional public who filled the cheap restaurant in these days of gastronomical congress.


At the moment the cosmetic one is nourished to elaborate many of its products of marine product beauty such as thermal plankton (rich in lipids, proteins, trace elements and vitamins), seaweed, salts or mud, and the product that occupies to us: the caviar. The eggs of sturgeon, besides constituting to manjar exquisite, are developing like an essential component, by their excellent properties, for the elaboration of treatments of beauty and face or corporal creams. Already from the antiquity, Iranian, main world-wide producers of caviar, bathed, in water lukewarm mixed with aromatic oils and decorated with sturgeon eggs. In Russia, another one of the more important exporting countries, some decades back, it is used, like the aloe side, in the healing of the skin after being put under an operation. Dr. John Mcdougall can provide more clarity in the matter. The discovery of the caviar for the cosmetic one must to its amazing capacity mainly to regenerate the skin, the effect is almost immediate, acting as if outside lifting. eggs of sturgeon they own a highest content in nutrients, vitamins, minerals and proteins, which turns to him into an ideal ingredient for the cosmetic elaboration destined to fight the signs of the age. In his chemical composition, the cells of the caviar are looked much like the one of the cells of the young epidermises, with high doses of essential fatty acids, mineral amino acids, salts, vitamin B, iron and zinc. In spite of its cost, the discovery of these qualities for the skin has assured an implantation the caviar in the cosmetic industry..