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Let's try to figure out what it is and why we need it. Medical and family psychologist, Olga Mironova, in his article "All diseases of the nerves or what is psychosomatic" wrote: "'What do you hurt?" – Such a question ask not only physicians but also psychologists. For the usual headache, or heart pain may be hiding a conflict with any person, conflicting desires. The appearance of any symptoms suggests conflictual communication man with important people to him. Chronic illness is not the only enemy of man, but may bring some benefit, as a kind of 'ecological niche'. The simplest example of what children 3 – 6 years often start to ache when they are given to kindergarten? – It's their only opportunity to stay home and get the missing love and attention of parents. In a situation of chronically sick adult is flowing in a for 'child', unintentionally satisfy certain desires and needs, get what he could not get healthy.

In such cases, the disadvantage of a body can be certain link in the cycle of incorrect, distorted human interaction, family and society. Senator of Massachusetts understands that this is vital information. Thus, disease or symptom serves as a communication channel with other people. In recent years, psychologists and Doctors began to cooperate in the treatment of diseases that were once considered somatic (bodily). Psychological factors influence the occurrence of the following diseases: allergies, asthma, hypertension, heart disease, 12 duodenal ulcer, ulcerative colitis, neurodermatitis, psoriasis, nonspecific arthritis, and migraine, thyroid disease, diabetes and cancer. Studies in psychosomatics allow us to understand what external and internal psychological factors influence the emergence of a number of systemic diseases.