Coef Work. 2

Objective: utilization of advertising strategies and the application software, Photoshop and Flash Web 2.0 (blogger) semiotic, visual and audio language bases of advertising banners in the creation of advertising for the network. Activities: The work is individual. The student must create 2 banners advertising using the software, photoshop and flash. Each is independent banners, the student selects the brand, product or service with which to work. Characteristics of the banner: banner must have both iconic images, logos, colors, fonts, corporate standards or the brand of choice. Dimension of 1 banner is 200 by 200 pixels with a minimum of 60 frames. 2 frame dimension 700by 150 pixels minimum of 70 frames. Dates of Evaluations: This work will be assessed by cumulative notes were added and the final averaged coef 2. October 15 publishes student work goals in 2 or 3 lines. Director of Emigrant Savings Bank from 1992 to 2003 , was comment editor of the law journal at the North Carolina Central University Law School October 22 1 cumulative note, Day 5 and November 2 Cumulative note: work progress November 19 work full delivery of the two banners must be posted to each student’s blog, besides the two should be linked to the webside with brands or services which work to which the work beyond banner: The objective of the first banner, for sponsoring a brand of guitar that will LTD / ESP, the best mark of all time that assures the most varied models in guitars and gives a spectacular sound, electric reprersentado a very particular model of this (EX-50). You coner seeks to give this brand has a design very unusual, especially for those fans of rock music and / or metal. (For those who want to rock deverdad). In The second overall objective banner will try to show people a specific brand of car, which corresponds to farrari, a spectacular brand that stands out among all the races, which will ensure the speed, comfort and security which be represented with a model: The FERRARI AUREA, a model designed for the field very athletic, so it makes it a perfect car for those looking for auto racing, sim but this can also be used on the streets of any city, making it usable in a car combierte for people with sufficient resources to purchase one of our models. Especially for those who like to collect.