Deodorant Stick

MEN S Aftershave Balm / Balm after shaving Removes a feeling of tightness and provides ultimate comfort! Instantly absorbed, leaving no oily sheen. Contains carefully selected ingredients: ‘pleasant menthol cools and tones the skin, creates a sense of purity and freshness, ‘Panthenol instantly soothes and moisturizes the skin after shaving,’ allantoin prevents inflammation; ‘shea butter provides optimum protection. Balm Shaving is recommended for men with normal to dry skin. 100 ml of professional advice: Apply a thin layer on the skin after shaving procedure. If you have combination or oily skin, use a gel instead of balm after Shave in a series of Ideal Men. 3. MEN’S Moisturizing Cream / Moisturizer MEN’S Men’s skin needs daily care.

Especially in cold weather and frequent shaving her stress cause dehydration. There is a feeling of tightness, there is irritation and flaking. This moisturizing cream solves all problems! Sesame oil and shea butter soften the skin, eliminate flaking and restore the natural protective barrier and restore the natural protective barrier return a pleasant feeling of comfort. Since dehydration of the skin helps make short work of a unique set of related skin substances – NMF (natural moisturizing factor). The formula also includes herbal cream extracts, vitamin E and UV filters to protect against external stress, slow the aging process and prevent the appearance of early wrinkles.

Cream instantly absorbed without greasy shine through and vegetable polyphenols preserves the natural matte skin throughout the day. It is recommended for men with normal to dry skin. Capacity 50 ml Professional advice: Apply a thin layer of agent on a clean face and neck. Use the following washing in the evening and morning, in the days when you do not shave. 4. MEN’S Cleansing Gel / Cleansing Gel for washing MEN’S Gently cleanses skin of dirt and greasy, great tones and refreshes. Contains wheat proteins and panthenol preserving the natural skin moisture. In formula witch hazel extract normalizes the function of the sebaceous glands, helps to narrow pores and reduce shine. Allantoin prevents inflammation. It is recommended for men with normal and combination skin. Capacity – 150 ml Professional advice: rinse face and neck with water, apply a small amount of gel and massage the skin with circular motions, then carefully rinse with water. 5. MEN’S Deo Stick / Deodorant Stick MEN’S Has a nice refreshing flavor blends perfectly with the means of shaving and skin care products MEN’S. Thanks to the deodorizing component (farnesol) protects against odor sweat, retains a sense of purity and freshness throughout the day. Contains soothing skin Bisabolol. Deodorant Stick is very easy to use: a cost-spent, it is easy to spread on the skin and does not create the effect of stickiness. Does not contain alcohol. Mild formula is suitable for men with sensitive skin. Capacity – 50 ml Professional advice: Apply to clean skin on armpits, gently massage until completely absorbed funds.