German Patent Office

The holiday region Cuxland (district of Cuxhaven) is always worth a visit. Cease and desist letters to House landlord led to unrest. District has himself turned on knowing you the Cuxland? On the motorway in the direction of Cuxhaven, ca 20 km from Bremerhaven, just before the parking lot “Harmony”, you will be greeted by a “Reginonsschild Cuxland”. As a holiday traveller it is located in the District of Cuxhaven now in the holiday region Cuxland. You can find a definition in the encyclopedia “Wikipedia”. Essentially, the Cuxland includes the country Wursten with the beautiful resorts Dorum-Neufeld, Wremen including and the seaside resorts of Cuxhaven Dose, Cuxhaven Dose, Cuxhaven-Sahlenburg and Grimmershorner Bay. Not to mention Otterndorf and the many small holiday resorts in the Cuxland. Here, the offer of holiday apartments in the Cuxland is great.

Unfortunately various cottage owners were warned off at the beginning of the year companies from the Landlkreis Cuxhaven by a cottage with the prompt “..” the term no longer to use Cuxland…” At the same time the mandatory cease and desist have been Warning letter attached. Various recipient of this warning letter went to the lawyer or asked in the District of Cuxhaven, for advice. The district has can now legally review the use of the concept Cuxland. Background: the district and the company admonitory off to have both enter the word mark Cuxland at the German Patent Office. However, the district has the earlier rights. End of February, the opinion was published in the press and on the Internet by District of Cuxhaven. Therefore the cottage was written to enterprises of the district with the Feststellungt, that this company can claim no “exclusive rights” to the word mark “Cuxland”. Could the company was prompted to set sending cease and desist letters.

Failure to comply with, the district will apply legal action. The District of Cuxhaven allowed and welcomed the use of the concept Cuxland. Thank you to the District of Cuxhaven for the support of our holiday region in the Cuxland.