Greatest Heroes

Pilgrimage to holy land, beautiful places we travel, I previously imagined that it was a desert, dusty, nothing sexy and dangerous land, yet they showed me pictures, always had that so wrong idea, but when I went, I was completely amazed to see what they have done to make today look accurate Greens and huge crops of multiple varieties, it is beautiful to see the creativity of people as resources is invented when there areIs shocking also architecture, and things of so many thousands of years ago, it is almost unbelievable, but what is really amazing is the joy that is felt to be there, when we went to the wailing wall is easy to enter a true prayer, but when goes on night there and that beautiful place that God chose this nearly empty,! HAS! Holy God! that’s another thing, a supernatural anointing, it has to be because at that time there are no kaafirs, of all ways there is much tourist who goes there, but have no idea the great significance that has this beautiful temple of Jerusalem in the history of Christianity. Let us remember that the Lord Jesus Christ in Marcos 5:40, cast unbelievers, before making the miracle. Can we see these lands where Abraham, the father of faith, but he lived for was named there? Because Abraham no doubt with mistrust before he was worked in faith giving glory to God and the promises were for him and his seed after him, his descendants are the dead to the world and are born again in Christ. There is so much nowadays calling themselves Christians who is not Christianity, they are million kilometers by saying they believe in him, but the devil also believes in it, the life you live is really what shows that it is. Is not when to talk, what professes to be a Christian, if you say who believes the word of God and denies a single there is where evil so was Eva by a little word caused all the evil, pain much death, disease and distress exists, only have to return to the word of God without reason only believe the as it is written. Faiths or denominations are useless, because all have failed, there is only one thing, and the Holy Palabra of God, under the blood is the life of Dios if you It is Abraham’s seed is entitled to all the promises, it will have the same faith I call things that are not as though they were. It was an unconditional Covenant. Any disease or problem should go, it cannot affect the seed of Abraham because we believe in the all powerful God, in the history of humanity, and the history of Christianity, never has been known as mighty God, because there is no one bigger than the why I swear if same because there is no other higher than the. The only thing the requires is separation of the sin of uncleanness. And so you can claim any divine promise that God promises in his word. Original author and source of the article