Nutrients Essential During Pregnancy

The nutrition of women during pregnancy is important because it prepares your body for the changes you are experiencing and the baby in formation depends on it to develop properly. So it is imperative that during pregnancy, certain essential nutrients you consume ranging them to allow both stay healthy. Iron, calcium and folic acid are some of the key nutrients for your health and the development of the baby. This article is going to focus on these basic components of the diet of pregnant women, their importance and function, and the main sources of them. For even more opinions, read materials from lee marks. Iron is essential during pregnancy because it prevents anemia, carries oxygen to all the tissues of the body of the mother and the baby, is vital for the production of energy in the muscles and is involved in the synthesis of DNA. It is so important that doctors almost always recommend an iron supplement to ensure you consume adequate quantities. However, a supplement does not replace a good diet, so make sure you eat good iron sources such as lean meats (with little or no fat), birds, fish, beans, spinach, and fortified cereals. Iron requires vitamin C for correct absorption, while calcium is involved with it.

But calcium is our next essential nutrient! No problem, simply tries to consume it with two hours of difference sources of iron. For even more analysis, hear from Alfred Adler. But you not frustrated if you feel that it is very difficult to do so, the most important thing is that you consume these essential nutrients during your pregnancy. Calcium is essential for the formation and development of bones and teeth, to the contraction of muscles, blood clotting and other vital functions. If the baby does not receive sufficient amounts of your diet, will begin to use your reservations and that can affect you; It is therefore important that you visit the dentist. Calcium needs vitamin D and magnesium to be absorbed properly, and their main sources are dairy products in general, vegetable Greens and soy. Our fourth essential nutrient is vitamin B9 or folic acid.

It is considered by some as the most important vitamin during pregnancy, so much so that it is recommended that all women in reproductive age consume an appropriate amount of folic acid to ensure that we Let’s start pregnancy with good reserves of the same. It is essential to ensure the proper formation of the brain and nervous system of the baby; but it is also essential for DNA synthesis, cell division and the development of red blood cells. You can find it especially in the liver, cereals, spinach, broccoli, orange and Apple, among others. In this article we have concentrated on the iron, calcium and folic acid as essential nutrients during pregnancy. But they aren’t the only ones you need because they depend on other nutrients to ensure its absorption into the body. All the vitamins and minerals are essential for the correct assimilation of proteins, carbohydrates and fats because they produce the vital chemical functions to do this. Most healthy foods are more than one essential during pregnancy nutrient sources, so eat by two means more than anything pay attention to the quality of food, more than the quantity. Make sure you gain weight properly, neither more nor less than you need. Above all, enjoy your pregnancy date a taste from time to time, do not exaggerate in any end and visit your doctor full of questions!