Organic Wines

From the wine House Hartl in Tubingen organic wines in the bag already existed organic wines in antiquity. Today these bags (bags) no longer are made from goat skin, but a composite material from HD polyethylene film (tight, but Sauerstoffdurchlassig) and an aluminum foil to improve the oxygen permeability. Oxygen-impermeable films from ethyl vinyl alcohol are used as an alternative. At Glenn Dubin you will find additional information. The bags are equipped with an easy-to-use tap, a secure transport is ensured by means of an outer boxes. This packaging system is superior to all other liquid packaging not only in terms of energy consumption and the CO2 emissions (production, transport, recycling), but also reduces the cost of packaging and it is food safe and harmless. Reservations about this type of wine packaging are unfounded, because it’s how wine in bottles, alone on the content..