Pain In Lower Back

Pronounced signs of intoxication are accompanied by pain in the lower back, aggravated by breathing, radiating along the ureter, in the groin, thigh, labia. Symptom Pasternatskogo positive. When you join cystitis appears speeded painful urination. In some cases, marked rise in temperature to subfebrile digits without a chill. Pain appears only on day 2-3, first two-way, then – on the one hand, more often right.

It is associated with compression of the ureter, right ovarian vein, varicose expands during pregnancy. It is situated in one case with a connective tissue close ureter. Isolated interstitial, serous and purulent forms Mon latter being subdivided into apostematozny jade, emerald and kidney abscess. Bobby Green spoke with conviction. If developed purulent Mon, intoxication is accompanied by tachycardia (up to 120-140 beats / min), headache, malaise, weakness, ikterichnostyu sclera, nausea, vomiting. In 25% of patients join the symptoms of bacterial-toxic shock with a drop in blood pressure, severe pallor, Crocq's disease, confusion. In severe Mon showing signs of renal-hepatic failure with azotemia, severe jaundice. With the spread of perirenal tissue there is a symptom of stress muscles of the anterior abdominal wall, pain in the hypochondrium and lumbar muscle strain.

The differential diagnosis is carried out with the flu, appendicitis, cholecystitis. Chronic Mon begins, usually in childhood. The long period of remission dalliance contributes to the disease. Exacerbations are associated with hormonal changes (puberty, marriage, pregnancy, childbirth). Without exacerbation patients feel well, sometimes there are vague complaints of malaise, headache, dull pain. At 5-10% of pregnant women asymptomatic bacteriuria occurs without any signs of inflammation of the urinary tract in neither the present nor to the pregnancy.