Popular Diets

Takes place to be a huge number of diets aimed at bringing back to normal supply, and simultaneously to dropping the weight (the dignity of the Moon diet – that more and more clearly expressed with increasing life experience). At the moment highlighted the following comparison of diets with determining factor: the number of components of power system components: single-product (rice diet, apple diet); multiproduktovye (Atkins diet), and stages of: periodic (as an example, the lunar diet), aperiodic (German diet), and duration: hard power system – about 7 days (diet for pregnant women), average duration – up to two weeks (Buckwheat diet) for long duration (more than four weeks – the Atkins diet), and way of life: due to the peculiarities of the national cuisine (French and German diet), and limiting components: malouglevodosoderzhaschie (Kremlin diet, Atkins diet); malozhirovye (cabbage diet, the summer diet watermelon diet), low-protein (klybnichnaya dieta and lemon-honey diet), mixed (it should be noted that without exception all power system for weight loss are related to low calorie), and covered by a group of people: all of the appropriate (summer diet, the Atkins diet and klybnichnaya dieta), highly specialized (diet for pregnant women) – including professionally due to (diet for astronauts) in terms of effects on metabolism: harmless (diet sybarite) – to the maximum extent balanced by component, with the need for special moments of realization – fast diet (chocolate diet, the German diet) – it is desirable if the will executed under close scrutiny of experienced experts, on the compatibility of products: separation of power (color diet cabbage diet), a mixed use of food (wine diet, moon diet), and the completion of the field: author (power supply sybarite) folk (borage diet, cabbage diet), developed by specialists (diet Atkins diet Protasov) in terms of effects on metabolism: it is the diet (kefirno-apple diet, the German diet), the power system may be based diet (diet sybarite, the Atkins diet, diet Montignac), and impact on the basic functions of the body: medical purposefully (diet for pregnant women, cabbage diet – with renal failure diet for increasing sexual activity), of general application (klybnichnaya dieta, French diet). There is no doubt that the classification of the analyzed power systems for weight loss characterized by a very large part of the main part of power systems becoming available. It should be noted that the examples of diets of classification is only a small share of power systems – a recently approved power supply systems are systematically tested and receive appreciation. Additionally it should be noted that the views included in all kinds of food, not so much the very different (cabbage diet deficiencies), but also may conflict with state and each other – although the exact implementation of the recommendations they constantly bring to guaranteed outcome – losing weight.