Series Classixx

Drum surface is covered with protrusions VarioSoft droplike forms, and each capture drum asymmetric shape is steep and shallow sides. Drum rotation in one direction underwear exposed to the stronger mechanical effects (mainly in the standard program) in another – the weaker (in programs for the fine linen). In models of was 24741 oe and was 2874 boe can lay up to 8 kg of laundry, because of the large drum in standard sizes Machine – 60x60x85 cm Rare geometry loading hatch – instead of the usual asymmetrical round – also improves and reduces the washing process. In addition, the washing machine from the family Logixx 8 Sensitive weighed linen before washing it! The most extensive set of special washing programs for different types of fabrics and automatic removal of the 14 most common types of stains – are the distinguishing features of a series of washing machines Logixx 8 Sensitive. Model of Bosch wbb 24751 eu series Logixx 10 New Dimension has a huge drum capacity of 88 l, which seats up to 10 kg load.

Such a model is preferred by people, often erasing the big things. For greater efficiency laundry manufacturers have established 3-D drum with a slope of 13 when rotating drum underwear moves simultaneously in three planes, which enhances the effectiveness of washing. Very comfortable and that the door is equipped with a magnetic closure that allows dozagruzit laundry during washing. Keys TouchControl, a large new multi-function display, which displays the parameters of the program and its sequence of steps are model wae 20441 oe and wae 24441 oe Series Maxx. Washing Machines in this series are additionally equipped with Lock keys away from children. Models waa 24271 ce and waa 20271 ce provided in a series Classixx 5, the most economical and classic series of washing machines Bosch.

Narrow Washing Machine Bosch Maxx are lots of 5 and Classixx 5 – the ideal solution dlyanebolshoy family. They good that even squeezing in the tiny bathroom under the sink or vanity table. Washing machine series Maxx 5 wlx 20461 oe and wlx 24461 oe is also equipped with a new large multi-function display. Are noteworthy new special wash program, including the ' 15 minutes' and 'Jeans'. Series Classixx 5 – economical series of washing machines with a set of frequently used functions and a very clear system of governance. A few words about the washer-dryer machine Maxx 5. This machine allows you to combine the washing and drying in one unit. Washing and drying machine wvd 24520 eu if they wish for one download will wash out and dry 2,5 kg of laundry. Drum model of this model is made of stainless steel. Occupy a special place with a top-loading machines, because they are even in a small apartment can always find a place (their width is only 40 cm). With roller wheels and pedals model wot 24551 oe wot 20351 oe and easy to move and safely locked in place raboty.Vse elements on the control panel clearly marked with symbols. Therefore, you will quickly be able to select the desired program and options. In Currently, a trademark of Bosch holds a leading position in the market of household appliances. With its stiff competition Bosch is constantly being improved, while maintaining the loyalty of its potential customers. A international recognition once again confirms the perfection of technique Bosch, which remains the leader in consumer preferences and confident ahead of their rivals.