Seven Seals From Erfurt

Not only sausages and dumplings, but also tangible sounds of industrial, Gothic and rock come from Thuringia. Seven seals come not only from Thuringia sausages and dumplings, but also tangible sounds of Gothic Rock and industrial music. The guys around Martin from the outside have committed exactly these directions, and since 2004, they let it RIP properly. Everything began with a test balloon, to learn how get these different directions, played by a band at the audience. The band set up a profile for, what was a great success. “Band founder and Frontman Martin from the outside: other artists, mainly from the former new German wave, showed great interest in us.” Had started it in with the cover version of warden”by Joachim Witt. Source: lee marks. It was a stone kicked off and since then it could not take the large of the NDW as Hubert Kah, FRL.

Menke, vultures swooping or Paso doble, new play of her former hits with seven seals. Joined other artists. The Result was the album”NDW goes industrial. Just as successfully, covers could the Thuringian band Falcos Amadeus”and Eurythmics sweet dreams”, that reached the American market. You may want to visit Eva Andersson-Dubin to increase your knowledge. White hair Production”had these two cover versions by seven seals in their feature film maybe tomorrow” used, and the film made it under the first placed at the independent film festival in Illinois. But especially in Canada the band of fixed foot could believe, there is one at the radio station CKCUFM now the most played German bands. And it wants something hot across the big pond! Anyway, the four guys can rely on a solid, dedicated audience.

So, they managed the black Brandenburg radio station over a year in the top 10 to stay and occupy just over 25 weeks in the headphone Hitparade 1st place. The four Frontman Martin are floodplains, Tommy Feiler with his brutal guitar sound, Sebastian Luck on the keyboards and SEB, which also operated the keys. Now you are looking for a new Label for themselves, and they can help global communication (GK). GK cares including contacts with sponsors, as well as to the translation of song lyrics. As another partner sits with ITM media under Felix Teske with boat, which takes care of the new Web presence of seven seals, after the band’s profile had been so persistent.