Subscriber Acquisition Via Webinar

To use Webinars for the acquisition and maintenance, is a practice that is not common in Germany. While the interactive online event has so much to offer. Sindelfingen, March 2013 – marketer or sales man, everyone knows about: the ways to reach new and existing customers are diverse and far partially in the truest sense of the word. Not so with the webinar. What were once considered online training Webinar started = Web + seminar advanced today more and more become the real marketing tool in B2B communication.

Live and interactive to deliver content to an audience over the Internet offers enormous potential. dieleutefurkommunikation have summarized the advantages: additional service for improving customer loyalty new and eye-catching form of customer acquisition small cost by eliminating long journeys close-distance-mix with positive effect on prospective buyers when needed interactive exchange ability of the secondary exploitation as a continuous source of information why Webinar we rely on direct Especially with complex products, such as the IT industry, the Webinareinsatz and the worthwhile customer contact”not only for existing customers, but also in the channel. Because it creates a genuine alternative to present about developments or to provide additional support. The biggest advantage should be time and cost savings. New customers acquire as it comes via Webinar to the lead? Webinars are used to order, they must be content aligned to the target group.

It can be used, for example, industry focus and appropriate examples of users involved. In the own product in the foreground should be set to never. It rather comes to create added value. Because only a theme, which, however, brings the Pain points of the target group on the point and promises solutions brings new contacts. Are you interested? Tips for practical implementation can be found in the check-list 1 x 1 of the webinar”: service/wissen-trends/das-1×1-des-webinars.html. About dieleutefurkommunikation dieleutefurkommunikation are the only target group Agency of in Germany. Since 1995, the owner-managed marketing agency headquartered in Sindelfingen near Stuttgart is specialized in B2B communication of market positioning to sales marketing. She advises worldwide global players such as SAP, IBM, Audi or VW, as well as many medium-sized companies in the entire roof area. As a B2B agency with editorial style, dieleutefurkommunikation align not only themes and content, but also communication and media consistently to the target group. The advantage for customers: a substantive close of their actions to the target group and thus a much higher relevance. 35 People, divided between the disciplines consulting/design/editing, graphic design, online/programming, project management and Office, offer a contemporary solution for B2B online marketing and B2B lead generation.